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Marvel Agents of SHIELD | No Regrets // Recap Review

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Simmons questions what is real, the Patriot fights for what is important, and never the less, Daisy persists.

Despite her repeated torture at the hands of Dr. Fittz and Madame Hydra, Daisy continues her resilience against their questions. She tries to get Fittz to wake up from the nightmare they find themselves in, but the reality of the Framework has turned him into a completely different person. Not getting answers from Daisy on the location of the Patriot, Madame Hydra turns to another plan and prepares a super soldier serum for May so that when the time comes, she has no problem killing the Patriot.

While Ward and Simmons work on a plan to free Daisy from Hydra, Mace, Coulson, and their newest recruit, Mack, work to infiltrate a Hydra Re-Education and Rehabilitation facility. With a Hydra prison bus that Mack worked on, Coulson and Mace slip into the compound and release Hydra’s prisoners, including Antoine Triplett, who has information on Hydra’s plans. While making their escape, Coulson sees one of his students being taken to another building. This changes their plans when they try to save him, and discover children being brainwashed to follow Hydra’s ethics.

With the Patriot being spotted inside a Hydra facility, May uses her new super serum and confronts him. Despite putting up a good fight, Mace manages to subdue May, leaving her alive, to her surprise. With May’s attempt failed, Dr. Fittz orders an air strike on the quarantine building Mace and the rest of SHIELD are currently evacuating Hydra’s imprisoned children from. Seeking confirmation of Mace’s death, May enters the crumbling building and witnesses SHIELD’s attempt to save children. Giving them some assistance, they manage to get the children out of the building, but Mace stays behind, holding the building together just long enough for them to escape.

Much of “No Regrets” focuses on the idea of what is real. A concept introduced when Radcliffe first made the Framework, he theorized that what the mind perceives and experiences is in fact real, whether it is virtual or in the real world. Simmons begins to question this concept when confronted with the reality of the Framework for people like Mace and Mack who have very real experiences, such as the loss of friends or a life spent with a child. She begins to come to the conclusion that what is real is different for each person, that despite being a virtual reality, Mace gave his life for his friends and for a fight that was real to him.

Also, to bring up the parallels of the Framework’s Hydra and Trump’s America, any question of coincidence is thrown out the window in Fittz’ line of dialogue about Daisy, “She was beaten within an inch of her life, never the less, the persisted.” This is an obvious quote to Sen. Mitch Mcconnell in his interruption of Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the senate floor. I say bravo to Agents of SHIELD and Marvel to taking this stand and showing such a bleak reality in comparison to our current reality that is leading to such a world.


Make Hydra Great Again.

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