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Marvel Announces New Original “Future Fight” Character!

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Marvel Entertainment continues to bring new, original characters to their storytelling every year, introducing new faces to fans by way of their comic books, films, television shows, and novels. But rarely is a new character introduced by way of a video game.

In conjunction with Korean developer Netmarble Games, Marvel Games has announced that they are introducing a brand new character to their Marvel Future Fight app. Her name? Luna Snow, K-Pop superstar-turned superhero.

According to Marvel’s official website, Luna Snow – alter ego Seol Hee – was an aspiring K-Pop singer who, after rescuing attendees of an attacked gala she was performing at, was exposed to an “advanced cold-fusion energy experiment” by members of A.I.M., which gave her Elsa-like abilities that allowed her to control frozen elements. After exposure to the press, the newly-dubbed Luna Snow was rocketed to stardom, becoming a part-time music star and full-time hero.

This new addition comes as a response to local audiences’ requests for characters that better represent their cultures, and plays on the rising sensation of Korean pop – or K-Pop – music. This release also follows on the heels of last year’s Future Fight release of original character Sharon Rogers, the daughter of Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers from an alternate universe. Sharon took on the mantle of Captain America within the game, and was a massive success with fans, prompting Marvel to want to create more original characters.

Marvel Games’ Senior Producer Danny Koo detailed the process of Snow’s creation, emphasizing just how unique and original she will be:

“Our creative process began when Netmarble Monster expressed an interest in debuting an ice magician character that plays both the role of healing and dealing damage…We worked closely with Netmarble Monster’s art director Jee-Hyung to come up with Luna Snow’s look, which includes an iconic emblem consisting of a half-moon crest that mirrors an ice symbol on her jacket, belt buckles, and of course, her necklace. Her icicle earrings and differently colored eyes, which complete her half-dark and half-light ice look, were meticulously designed with modern K-Pop culture in mind…Seol Hee (Luna Snow’s civilian name) roughly translates to “Snow Hope” and embodies the characteristics of a hero who will step up and help people in need.”

Not much else is known about Luna or what she will look like in-game beyond the teaser, but Marvel has announced that they will host a pre-registration until January 23rd where players can unlock in-game rewards as well as learn more about Luna. After the pre-registration is over, Luna’s story will be revealed to the rest of the world!

We can’t wait to see her – but what about you? Let us know how you feel about Luna in the comments below!

Source: Marvel.com

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