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Marvel Announces New Power Man and Iron Fist Series!

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Marvel Comics has announced a new Power Man and Iron Fist series, with the story by David F. Walker and artwork by Sanford Greene.

Power Man and Iron Fist is a throwback to the 1978 team-up series that later spawned the Heroes for Hire team in its various incarnations.

“About a year ago or so, [Marvel editor] Axel Alonso asked me to list all the characters that I wanted to work with the most,” Walker tells Fast Company. “He said, ‘Don’t be limited—go as big as you want.’ At the very top of that list were Luke Cage and Danny Rand, and I put in parentheses after their names: ‘as a team.’ Because this was something that I’d wanted to see for years and years. That particular duo, they’re so iconic. As a writer, you love interesting characters, and those two characters are so fun to delve into. They are the ultimate bromantic couple.”

Greene worked with Walker on Dynamite Entertainment’s Shaft reboot. Since then he’s fielded a few projects at Marvel, and jumped at the opportunity to work with Walker again on another iconic African-American character.

“Growing up as an African-American kid, you identify with these characters,” says Greene. “Luke was one of those characters that impacted me. And it was always a dream project to get to work on him. It was the cherry on top to find out it would be Iron Fist as well.”

Take a look at Greene’s first Power Man and Iron Fist cover and his modernized designs for the characters in the gallery below.

Power and Iron First #1 will be released in early 2016.

Source: comicbook.com