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Marvel Iron Fist | Eight Diagram Dragon Palm // Recap Review

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Harold welcomes Danny home, Ward goes on the record, and no one should profit from the suffering of others.

Following Ward to Harold’s high rise hermitage, he is shocked to discover the late Harold Meachum alive and well, and imprisoned by the Hand, the very organization that the Iron Fist is sworn to fight. On Harold’s orders, Ward ends all litigation keeping Danny from his rightful place at Rand, and, to Ward’s displeasure, wastes no time settling in as the majority shareholder. At his first meeting, Danny makes it clear that Rand’s normal way of doing things isn’t good enough, and demands the price of a life saving drug to be lowered significantly.

While Ward works damage control over Danny’s new humanitarian outlook for Rand, Joy tries to ease Danny into the normal way of doing things. While not against his decision, she tries to show Danny a better way to bring the Rand board members to his way of thinking. The conversation is cut short when Triad hatchet men attempt to kidnap Joy, their plan foiled by Danny, dispatching them one by one until Joy was safe again. With a tip from Colleen, Danny visits the Triad’s restaurant to demand answers. It seems the pier that Harold ordered Ward and Joy to buy was once theirs, and they wanted it back. After Danny mentions it’s the Hand who forced the buy, the Triad quickly forgo any aggression and leave Danny alone.

Buying the pier and carefully handling Danny’s return to the company has earned Harold a gift from the leader of the Hand who keeps Harold in their debt. Blindfolding him and bringing him to a new apartment, Harold is able to see Joy through the window, in person for the first time in over a decade. Seeing the bruise on her face from the Triad, Harold asks one more favor. Masked and armed, Harold and members of the Hand find the Triad, allowing Harold to execute the man who harmed his daughter. With the Hand moving directly against them, the Triad send Danny a message pointing him in their direction.

“Eight Diagram Dragon Palm” feels like the first true episode of this series. With Danny finally back within Rand enterprises, he quickly focuses his attention on how his resources can help him as the Iron Fist. His investigation into the Hand has only just begun, but already the Hand and the criminal underworld in New York know who he is and what he can do. But who is this shadowed leader of the Hand? We’ve only been given a voice and silhouette, but what leaders remain after Daredevil and Electra killed Nobu? Is this a familiar figure who has now risen to take Nobu’s place, or a new enemy?

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