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Marvel Iron Fist | Felling Tree with Roots // Recap Review

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Ward enjoys his secrets, Colleen receives a visitor, and New York is no place for the Iron Fist.

Angered by Madame Gao’s treachery during the tournament, Danny pursues the Hand’s interests in Rand with renewed vigor. His search is made easier when Gao herself pays a visit to Danny’s office, giving him an offer of peace, along with a bonsai tree. Rejecting her deal of living an easy life and just letting the Hand resume their business, Danny follows Gao down to a seemingly unused floor. Eavesdropping on their meeting, Danny finds the location of the Rand warehouse where the Hand are developing their heroine.

The pressure Harold is putting on Ward is beginning to crack. Turning to drugs and alcohol to distract from Harold’s tasks of burying bodies, Ward and Joy finally decide it’s time for him to get some help. His taste of freedom is stolen when Harold empties his bank account of the money Ward has been embezzling from Rand, in order to keep him close and under his thumb. Finally reaching his breaking point, Ward puts a dagger into Harold’s chest. Joy finds her own trouble when, unhappy with the direction Danny is taking Rand, the board holds an emergency meeting and ousts Joy, Danny, and Ward, from their positions.

With the location of the Hand’s heroine manufacturing plant, Danny enlists the help of Colleen, and the hatchet men, enemies who live in fear of the Hand. Together, they storm the factory, taking down Hand guards at gun and sword point. Making their way through the building, Danny and Colleen find a weak Radovan, who warns them he’s already given Gao his formula, and that she’s fled New York for a Rand factory in China; the same factory Danny and his family were on their way to visit fifteen years ago.

Taking an unneeded break from the action, “Felling Tree with Roots” focuses on the personal relationships building between these character. Finding a bond between them on the battlefield, Danny and Colleen spend personal time together, not to talk about how to defeat the Hand, but how to open up to each other. Ward’s relationship with his own father is put in the spotlight as we watch him break after years of abuse from Harold.

This episode also briefly introduces a new character, Bakuto. While only seen for a few moments, it is made obvious that not only does he know of the legend of the Iron Fist, but has an interest in Colleen and Danny’s work together. Who is this man, and what might he have in store for Danny?

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