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Marvel Iron Fist | Immortal Emerges from Cave // Recap Review

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Danny meditates on his training, Rand has more YouTube views than the incredible green guy, and doubt leads to death.

While Claire and Colleen work on keeping the chemist, Radovan, alive, Danny turns his attention to finding his kidnapped daughter, Sabina. Though Ward nags at him about attending a meeting, Danny searches warehouses owned by Rand for any sign of the Hand. Finally, after discovering the decapitated head of the man Danny defeated the night before to save Radovan, Danny finds his invitation to the Hand’s challenge.

With a dying man in her dojo, Colleen waits impatiently fr Danny’s return from the challenge. At Claire’s insistence and his health rapidly failing, they rush Radovan to Mercy General Hospital, Claire’s former employer. Despite using Claire’s back channel in the hospital, and Colleen taking down a member of the Hand, Radovan is taken from them.

Stepping out of the shadows, Madame Gao assembles the Hand’s best fighters to go up against the Iron Fist. With three matches ahead of him, Danny sets the terms of the challenge. Should he win, the Hand returns Sabina and leaves Rand. Should he lose, he will stop interfering in the Hand’s endeavors. Fighting both the Hand and his own inner demons, Danny finds himself victorious in each round, until Gao reveals her treachery, threatening Sabina’s life if Danny does not withdraw. Seeing no other option, Danny ends the challenge, and Gao hands of Sabina with cryptic warnings.

“Immortal Emerges from Cave” sees both of Danny’s worlds begin to coincide, both as he investigates the Hand within his company, and Ward seeing the truth behind Danny’s crazy stories. And, until now we’ve only seen the Hand’s leader, and Harold’s master, in the shadows, but having Madame Gao, first seen in Daredevil, brings a strong villain to a show that needs more strength than it currently has.

Trey Anthony Guillory (a.k.a. Trey Guillotine) is an aspiring journalist, a YouTuber, and a huge nerd.