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Marvel Iron Fist | Rolling Thunder Dragon Punch // Recap Review

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Danny gets the sharkiest lawyer in New York, Joy helps Ward close a deal, and enter the Daughter of the Dragon.

On the run as an escaped mental patient, Danny approaches Joy one more time as a friend, hoping she now believes he is who he says he is. To his relief, she does, and mercifully offers him one hundred million dollars for his shares of the company and for his name. Finally seeing that money is all that seems to matter to the Meachums, Danny reaches out to an old friend from Rand’s legal division, and current legal advisor to vigilantes, Jeri Hogarth.

Declining any help or complications from Danny, Colleen begins to have trouble keeping the Chikara Dojo open, and her students disciplined. One of her star pupils, Darryl, comes to the dojo with new cuts and bruises from an illegal fight club. She worries that these activities threaten his scholarship, and that he dishonors himself by fighting for money. But, when pressed, Colleen finds herself at the fight club, taking on an opponent twice her size and weight, shocking him, and the rest of the crowd, when she leaves the cage with the victory, and the winnings.

Dealing with Danny and getting pressure from Harold, Ward approaches Joy for help with closing a mysterious deal on some property. Unable to tell her it’s for their dead father, Joy agrees to help, treating the seller to a night of dinner, drinking, and a matching liver for his sick child. Closing that deal easily, the Meachums sit down with Jeri and Danny to once again offer Danny a settlement for his shares in the company. Surprisingly, Jeri offers the proof needed for Danny to reclaim his rightful place in his father’s company. With no other options, Ward goes to his father to find out their next move, followed closely by Danny.

After two informative, but lackluster, episodes, “Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch” starts to pick up more speed. Though Danny still deals with corporate America, his involvement with Colleen Wing is definitely where he seems to most comfortable and the show most interesting; training in the dojo, sparring with Colleen. This is the Iron Fist we want to see more of, not billionaire Danny Rand fighting over a trust fund. The show loses more of its kung fu theme when the focus in taken off Danny and put on the Meachums. While serving as an interesting conflict, straddling the line between friends and business enemies, watching Joy and Ward dress in tuxedos, standing over a dying man and bargaining his liver to make a deal… it’s just very creepy, like a sick seduction of the rich and powerful toying with the lives of mere mortals.

But when the show focuses on Colleen, or the Daughter of the Dragon, that’s where the real strength of Iron Fist begins to shine through. Don’t get me wrong, story is one of the most important elements of any show, but when the show is based off a kung fu superhero, and said superhero, so far, has done less kung fu than another character, it’s odd. While Danny Rand deals with legal troubles, Colleen Wing is beginning to carry the show in probably the best fight and scene Iron Fist has so far offered.

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