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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD “BOOM” Recap Review

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Coulson isn’t giving up on May, the Watchdogs have a new explosive, and Mace really likes football metaphors.

Taking a diluted form of Cal’s Hyde serum gives Mace his Inhuman strength, but Fittz-Simmons discovers it is also killing him, and his next dose could be his last. Now on the bench, Mace struggles to find his purpose on the team, especially now that May is missing. But an explosion at Sen. Nadir’s office shifts the team’s focus to investigate the bomb site. No explosive material is found, but it is confirmed that Sen. Nadir was killed in the blast.


Across the world, Coulson and Mack hunt down a lead from Radcliffe’s past in an attempt to find May. Agnes Kitworth, Aida’s source of likeness and a past love of Radcliffe, has removed herself from the world as she waits peacefully for the tumor in her brain to end her life. Coulson, caring only for finding May, tries to force Agnes to help them find her, but realizes he’s not seeing the bigger picture. He finds a way to empathize with Agnes and she agrees to set up a meeting with Radcliffe. But, on his arrival, he tells her how he can finally save her life, and she leaves Coulson’s protection to go with him.


Investigating the blast that killed Sen. Nadir leads Daisy and SHIELD to the Watchdogs, as Terrence Shockley, the Superior’s right hand man, was seen entering Nadir’s office just before the explosion. Capturing him easily, they discover his terrigenesis transformation, meant to turn Nadir into Inhuman bait for SHIELD, instead turned Shockley into a living bomb. He attempts to blow up the zephyr but Mace and Fittz are able to get him off the plane just in time. Preparing for another confrontation, Shockley baits SHIELD in the desert. While Quake faces Shockley, Mace risks his life to power-up and hold back the Watchdogs while Fittz-Simmons prepares the device to capture and deactivate Shockley’s explosive powers. Sen. Nadir’s murderer is now in SHIELD custody, but the Watchdogs have taken Mace.
“BOOM” continues a bad habit that Agents of SHIELD has developed from last season; throwing away bad guys. It happened with Rosalind, who wasn’t a bad guy, but once Malick entered the picture she was no longer needed, and then, Malick was tossed for Hive. I’d hoped they’d broken this habit in the first half of this season with Dr. Morrow developing and surviving the first half, but, while Radcliffe is staying consistent, after Nadir’s introduction of this new bad Bond villain, The Superior, she is no longer needed, and thrown away.

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