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Marvel’s Luke Cage 1.06 Recap Review

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Trish Talk talks Luke Cage, Det. Scarfe gets ambitious, and Claire has some ideas.

New York City’s favorite radio talk show Trish Talk is spreading the word about the heroic deeds of Luke Cage. While callers are divided on how they feel about this new vigilante, Cottonmouth and Mariah Dillard only see him as a problem, one of many. Cottonmouth meets with Det. Scarfe near the docks to solve one of his problems, the return of his guns that have been sitting in the Harlem PD’s evidence lock-up. But Scarfe gets greedy, asking for $100k before he returns them. Cottonmouth counteroffers a spray of bullets, wounding Scarfe, then fleeing the scene with his reclaimed guns. Police respond to the gunfire and find Scarfe’s bullet ridden car, his blood, but no Scarfe. Already at the center of an internal affairs investigation, Misty and the rest of the police search desperately for the wounded detective.  

Seeking out Luke, Claire Temple catches up with her one time patient, and floats the idea of helping more people with his abilities. Their conversation is cut short when they find a bloodied Scarfe hiding in Pop’s Barbershop. Bargaining for Luke’s protection, Scarfe offers all the evidence he has about Cottonmouth; names, dates, cases he’s covered up, and every cop on his payroll.

Mariah Dillard handles her own problems as she takes an interview to garner support for her Harlem revival initiative, but the questions turn south. While Mariah strives to present herself as Harlem’s future, the interviewer questions which Harlem she represents, the Harlem community, or the corrupt underbelly that her family is tied to. Shutting the interview down, a last question is asked for her to comment on the recent arrest of her cousin, Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes. By dodging Cottonmouth’s thugs, Luke and Claire were able to get Scarfe and his evidence to Det. Misty Knight, just before he died in her arms.

“Suckas Need Bodyguards” shows some of the complexities of a few more villainous characters. As Misty searches for her partner to save his life and get answers, she reflects on the man that Scarfe is. An ass, and corrupt, she knows Scarfe as the man who helped her when she first started in the department, who never gave up on her when she was still a rookie. She also remembers him as the mourning father of a young dead son, who managed to get his gun one night and accidentally kill himself. In seeing the wrongs that Scarfe has committed, it’s also hard not to feel some form of sympathy, showing the different layers to his character. Mariah Dillard is also given some attention, as she continues her struggle between her two Harlems. She works within the system, distancing herself from her criminal family, all while accepting money and support from Cottonmouth, often taking his council, and giving her own on his criminal endeavors.

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