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Marvel’s Luke Cage 1.09 Recap Review

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Power Man heads down to Georgia, Mariah tries to restore the balance, and Misty takes her control back.

After assaulting Claire in an interrogation, Misty finds herself answering the questions. To analyze her recent and uncharacteristic behavior, a psychiatrist has been brought in, someone who has spent time wearing the badge and now works with police officers under stress in the line of duty. But Misty is not quick to trust. Initially reacting defensively at the line of questions about her life and feelings, but begins to open up, taking herself through the steps her emotions have taken after being held at gunpoint by Diamondback.


Away from the investigative eyes of the police, Mariah and Shades begin to make moves using Cottonmouth’s product and associates. In an attempt to move away from illegal activities, she calls for a meeting of the various bosses that Cottonmouth did business with. The meeting is cut short when Diamondback arrives unannounced and murderizes his former business associates who did not stay loyal. Searching for a reason to keep Mariah alive, she proposes for him to move away from the black market and to begin selling to the blue. With the public worried about Luke Cage and other “super freaks,” she suggests selling his weapons that work against the man with bulletproof skin to the police.


Out of ideas to treat his wounds, Claire and Luke travel to Georgia to meet with Dr. Burstein, the doctor who experimented on Luke at Seagate. With Reva’s date and some guess work, Clair and Burstein put together a procedure to weaken Luke’s skin just enough to remove the shrapnel. But the circumstances of Luke’s initial experiment at Seagate cannot be completely replicated as Rackham interrupted the original procedure and this cannot be calculated. Luke agrees to go forward as it seems it’s his only chance. Besides, if it goes wrong, all that will happen is his skin will melt from his bones. No big deal.


While Mariah and Claire pick up the pieces of Diamondback and Luke’s new fight, the scenes that drew me in were those of Misty’s counseling session. It was  rare treat to see a character so often guarded let down wall after wall. These moments touched on the more intimate moments of Misty’s life, her trust in Scarfe, her motivation for becoming a police officer. And unlike other characters in these shows, Misty’s background was displayed not through a series of flashbacks, but through exposition, and in my opinion were much more effective. A flashback may give more details of an event, what exactly happened, what they were wearing, what they said at the time. But allowing a character to open up not only what happened, but what happened from their own perspective and how they felt about it. Det. Misty Knight may not be a superhero, but as a police officer she goes through the same, if not worse, kind of situations these heroes do, but without super powers.
As she says in this episode, “I don’t seek justice; I stalk it.”

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