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Marvel’s Luke Cage “Now You’re Mine” Recap Review

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Luke’s family is jacked up, all that matters is the truth, and what you talkin’ ‘bout Willis?

Shots ring out from Harlem’s Paradise, scattering Mariah’s anti-Luke Cage protesters. Diamondback puts a round into Misty’s arm just as Luke steps in and gets them both into cover. The police respond quickly, surrounding the nightclub as bystanders scream of seeing Luke Cage. Harboring more fear for his do-gooder brother, Diamondback uses this hostage situation to his advantage, against Shades’ sound advice.


Outside of the club, Inspector RIdley discusses strategy to deal with the hostage situation with help from Asst. District Attorney Blake Tower. All too familiar with a mad gunman tearing up Hell’s Kitchen, Tower informs Ridley of Mariah’s deal to equip police with Judas bullets. Both try to take caution in the use of these weapons for fear of them ending up on the street. And, as released hostages are interrogated, Ridley begins to realize Luke Cage is not behind this situation. The only way for her to get answers now is from Misty Knight.


Claire tends to Misty’s gunshot wound in the basement of Harlem’s Paradise while Luke makes his way to Diamondback. As Luke takes out his thugs one by one, Diamondback uses the opportunity to remind Luke of their history together over the intercom, telling how their father abandoned Diamondback’s mother. Luke manages to get the remaining hostages out of the building just as Diamondback escapes and NYPD breaches the building, armed with Judas bullets, and takes Luke Cage into custody.


The nightclub shootout shown in “Now You’re Mine” is just the kind of street level action that works so well for Marvel’s Netflix series. A hostage situation is a familiar story the average citizen sees on the news, allowing the audience to already be familiar with what’s at stake. But now, while Avengers stop killer robots, heroes like Luke Cage deal with the smaller matters that are more immediate to us.
But what’s the deal with Diamondback. Clearly unstable, with both mommy and daddy issues, as well as a superiority complex, he is a poor substitute for the original villain of Cottonmouth. His character seems to drag down the rest of the show when focused on him, as he never passes up an opportunity to tell his life story. Fortunately, it’s the action and events surrounding him, as well as more interesting characters such as Inspector Ridley, who keep the audience engaged. Ridley, despite butting heads with Misty, is a strong character who reacts thoughtfully and by the book, sticking to the facts of the situation and adapting when needed to. As Misty stands on the line between being a cop and helping a vigilante, it’s Ridley who acts as a foil to Mariah Dillard, an embodiment of the system, but instead of Mariah’s corruption, Ridley actually works for the community, and not herself.  

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