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Meet your match at SDCC with experts Destin and Rachel!

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Matchmaking experts, Destin and Rachel gave us their tips on finding your match at SDCC.

SDCC is here and that means its time for cosplay, collectible goodies, panels, celebs and events! But SDCC doesn’t have to be just for temporarily satisfying your nearly insatiable need for all things nerd… it can also be a place to satisfy the needs of your geek heart! We’re talking love – sweet, sweet geek love! In between fighting traffic, crowds, smells and lines – you can actually indulge in SDCC’s ability to be a playground for getting unsingled – and you don’t even have to sneak into a party to make that happen.

Here are Destin and Rachel’s top 9 things to consider when trying to make Comic-Con work for you in matters of that throbbing love muscle – your heart!


1. The Social Network – Thousands of con-goers on Facebook and Instagram have already begun posting their wants and desires for this year’s event. Take a peek at friends of friends and see who is into what and if it lines up with what you’re into. Start friendly chats about common interests and ‘hope to see them there’. But do NOT send corny gifs. Just don’t. Star Wars or not.

2. What’s Happening – Events and groups online are well past the planning stage so start searching for what’s happening so you can be a part of it. That means don’t be introverted or shy! Come out of your shell… meet new people… go outside your hotel at night… get out there and be open to meeting new and like-minded ‘humans’!

3. The Love Train – If you live in SoCal, you know parking for the con sucks! Take the train from Burbank! Use that time to make new friends… and maybe something more. And while you’re riding, believe it or not, passing out goodies (like little candies that aren’t promoting anything) can be a great conversation starter! Think: Bertie Bott’s.

4. Don’t Be Stinky – Personal Hygiene is IMPORTANT and San Diego weather can be HOT. Costume or not, DEODORANT is a must! We all know of the Comic-Con funk. It exists. Don’t be one of those people! Shower, 24 hour deodorant, etc. It WILL give you an advantage over some!

5. Cosplay Creepers – Cosplay is an ART. Complimenting and appreciating art is a sure way into an artist’s heart – and with cosplay – the artist IS the art. Kind and sincere praise can go a long way ESPECIALLY if you’re dressed up too. But say the WRONG thing, or look at an artist in the wrong way and BOOM – you’re an instacon-creeper. Keep the photos clean, the compliments vanilla and chat about something unique to their art. It could pay off!

6. Raising The Bar – The hotel has a bar! Use it to your advantage. Lock eyes with someone… if they don’t look away, consider it your invitation in. Walk over and strike up a simple conversation about something SPECIFIC… NOT the weather, the con, or the goofy guy with the bad cosplay in the corner. Talk about a t-shirt he or she is wearing, a poster in the lobby, or a perceived interest. And do NOT complain about anything (the heat, the people, the celebs) – it’s negative – never lead with the negative!

7. Batman By Day, Bruce Wayne By Night – Bring a nice set of clothes to wear in the evening. By the end of the day, you’re a disaster. You need a shower and fresh threads to hit the town properly!

8. Booth Banter – Shopping for the same item as another is a great conversation starter! Reach for that He-man decoder ring at the same time another does – it’s a sure way to start a chat! You could end up the Master of their Universe! (boo.)

9. The Linessssssss – Stuck in an epic line for David Tennant’s autograph? In Hall H hell? Taking forever to get through Negan’s Funzone? Get clever with your time and try to entertain the possible match in front you – trivia games, cool toys, bad magic… let it lead into real talk and ‘getting to know you’. Keep the conversation fun and ask two questions for every one they ask. Oh, and do NOT share videos on your phone. It becomes about THAT and not you. It’s a buzzkill.

Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff are entrepreneurs, performers and filmmakers. In television they have global awareness from six seasons on Bravo TV’s hit series Millionaire Matchmaker. They have an established reputation as two of the top relationship and love experts in the country.

Pfaff’s film credits include writing the award-winning script RIPP, the upcoming theatrical feature The Disembodied and the Magnolia Pictures/Magnet released action-thriller Sushi Girl, which he also produced. Pfaff is currently developing a slate of independent features – including the films The Art of Sin and A Violent Intent. Destin and Rachel own www.DestinAndRachel.com – a popular Date/Relationship Coaching and VIP Love Introductions Company.


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