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Might this be what Iron Spider could look like in Civil War?

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IS 2First off, if you haven’t seen Ant-man, YOU NEED to go see Ant-man. Not because the movie is awesome in every way, but there are tons of easter eggs, perfectly laid out in typical Marvel fashion. The one in specific, which we’re pretty sure was overlooked, and was right in front our faces almost the entire time. We’re referring to that of Yellow Jacket. Now if you go back to comic history, Yellow Jacket is a product of Hank Pym in which he goes schizo and creates an alternate personality. The MCU version, it is a product of  Darren Cross who was played so well by Corey Stoll and becomes the main protagonist in the film. Going back in the movie, Cross said after years of research, he finally perfected the suit to become the ultimate weapon in warfare, based off of a rumored tiny soldier, the size of an ant. “An Ant-man”, as he says. So following the insect ladder of progression; Ant, Yellow Jacket, Spider. And if you also remember, they do mention “a guy who can crawl up walls”.  One could speculate Cross and Stark had some business deals and could have used Stark tech to help create the suit. Remember, the first scene in the film is a flashback, where we see a younger Michael Douglas, as Hank Pym, lashing out at Peggy Carter, Mitchell Carson, and Howard Stark. You could almost see the animosity between Pym and Stark in that scene. Again, just a theory.

IS 3So this is the MCU and you all know, Marvel ties everything, and we mean EVERYTHING together. Captain America: Civil War is the next installment in Marvel’s mega soap opera, and we know now that Spider-man is going to be part of that drama. Rightfully so, as it depicts in the comics. What also happens in the comics is for a brief time, after siding with Stark in favor of the Hero Registration Act, Peter Parker gets a new suit, courtesy of Mr. Stark. A metal alloy, similar to that of Iron Man’s; complete with three external appendages. An “Iron Spider” suit. The interesting thing to note, is the similarity between Yellow Jacket’s suit in the Ant-man film, and that of Iron Spider’s suit in the comics of Civil War. Might this have been a precursor to tease us what his suit might look like? We’re sure we’re going to get the classic blue/red design, but if they want to do this film right, we’re going to have to see the red/gold from Stark. We were teased of some elusive pictures via social media, depicting a lens, fabric, and sweatshirt, and some yellow cushion of some sort. Might the lens be a hint we might see a mask similar to that of the Superior Spider-man? Following that progression we’ve had a Spider-man, and an Amazing Spider-man. Makes sense now they go Superior this time around, right? That theory could explain the lens-style eyes; which that Spider-man was Doctor Octopus; which ironically that was a character with robotic arms. Again, Marvel is very clever, and we don’t think the Yellow Jacket design was by coincidence. This is the MCU we’re talking about. Coincidence doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. Time will tell if we see it or not. Is it May yet?

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