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If you’re on the fence about seeing Saban’s Power Rangers, opening this weekend, DON’T BE! This isn’t your classic Mighty Morphin team. What started as a kid friendly show back in 1993, has now evolved into the product that is hitting theaters right now. Boys and girls, we have a winner in the reboot genre that seems to be the ongoing m.o. in film studios alike. This is truly how you reboot a franchise. And it all starts with page one; or scene one for that matter.

The story truly does begin before the film does and that is what makes this film so enjoyable. Entertaining? Sure. Anyone can watch a movie and be easily entertained but, to make it enjoyable is the real challenge and Director Dean Israelite has achieved just that. You do get a back story on both Zordon and Rita’s characters that wasn’t over bearing to the real focus on the new five members. With that said, the story is so well written, centered around the characters and their back story, that you can actually feel their journey into becoming the Power Rangers. Alpha 5 has a memorable part in the film and while an actor in a suit would’ve been preferred, this CGI version works well. Even the suits and effects are pretty spot on. The casting is well rounded and no particular actor outshines another; even with Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks in the mix. Just to put it out there, you all will like Billy’s character the most. The Zords also get quite a fair amount of screen time too. There are some Easter eggs; some obvious and some you have to catch. Oh, and some other members from previous versions make their expected cameos.

Overall, I didn’t expect this film to flop, but I didn’t expect to be this impressed either. I’ll admit, when I saw the costumes last year I was a bit on the doubtful side, but after watching the film, all doubts are GONE! Granted there are some things that I wish they had done differently but that’s just my opinion. I give this film 4/5 stars and I will easily be going to the theaters to see this again. Just in case you all are wondering, there is a mid credits scene and while it doesn’t necessarily give us a definitive hint at a sequel per say, they do execute in a brilliant fashion in which one word comes to mind: GENIUS!!! Now what are you waiting for? Go out and see this movie. And don’t forget the most important thing: GO! GO! POWER RANGERS!


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