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Nerd Con 2016 in Escondido, CA | Photo Credit: Chelsea Pommerening

NerdCon 2016 – A Show for Nerds by Nerds

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NerdCon began back in 2014 when 4 Nerds decided to build a nerd convention from the ground up for other nerds like them. This idea transformed into what is now their motto “A Show for Nerds by Nerds.” By creating this convention and continuing to be completely immersed in nerd culture that 4 founding Nerds can stay focused on their ultimate goal, “To Strengthen and Unite the Nerd Community.”

This was something that Temple of Geek definitely needed to be a part of again. So, Chelsea and I packed our bags, camera’s, and nerd gear to head down to Escondido to immerse ourselves in our favorite type of culture… NERD CULTURE! This year’s NerdCon was fantastic – 2 full days of cosplayers, artists, panels, and fashion shows. Oh… Parties too. Nerds know how to throw a fantastic party.

*big brother confessional* Not gonna lie I have danced like this before. The 11th Doctor has some sweet moves. Anyways, let’s get to the convention.

Preview Night – Evening Check-in & Party

Preview night included pre-con check-in, nerd themed music, popcorn, cosplayers, booze, and a sneak peek at some of the artists and vendors. Chelsea and I met up with our friend Lauren from Comic Book Resources and The Marvel Report. We hung out for a bit to indulge in the NerdCon partying, but we left early to get some beauty rest, which is a must when it comes to full day cons.

Day One – Let the Nerd Invasion Begin

First, we scoured the booths of the various vendors and artists. I have learned to never make a commitment to one print or item before seeing everything first. This year I only purchased a few items, but I am very satisfied with my purchases.

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I still haven’t decided where to put my stickers, but that phone case has quickly become my favorite. Harry Potter Forever!

Warner Bros. via Tumblr

Next, we headed outside to check out the cosplayers and the car replicas.

Car Show – Nerd Style

That Pod Racing Car is crazy awesome! I mean it even has R2D2 in the back! This car was causing quite the commotion at the local In n’ Out last year. Who wouldn’t want to stop and pose for a picture with this thing, it is super cool!

But, as cool as car’s are, I’m sure you are all ready to see the Cosplayers. Cosplayer’s are honestly my favorite part of going to conventions. The people who cosplay spend a lot of time on their costume and I am more than happy to show my appreciation with fawning, pictures, and slight fangirling. I do what I can to show my support!

The Cosplayer’s of NerdCon 2016

Even though this convention was small, the cosplays were HUGE! However, there were quite a few cosplays that we didn’t recognize, which was awesome. That just means that we need to start branching out in our nerd knowledge. Anime – it is super popular and it is something I should be indulging in.

Before we jump all the way in, we need to talk about the Steampunk Star Wars Cosplay Group! I have seen this group several times, at several different conventions in California and I am blown away every time by the craftsmanship and the uniqueness of their cosplays. Where did this idea come from? Did they make everything they wear? So many questions…. I need this group to participate in an episode of Cosplay Connection. 

Honestly, the only word that I can think of to describe these cosplayer’s is BADASS! You can’t really see the Darth Vader in the 4th photo, but he has so many smaller elements that are just hanging from his costume. I believe he was the Millennium Falcon hanging from his back. Damn, this group is awesome. Okay, I think I’ve gushed enough…. for now.

More Cosplayers!

One of my favorite cosplays, was this couple who were dressed as Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen. Their cosplays were on point. *Update: We recently found out who this amazing cosplaying couple is. Thank you social media. You can check out this Jon Snow’s cosplay page here -> http://www.jonsnowcosplay.com/

Jon Snow & Daenerys (Game of Thrones) | Photo Credit: Chelsea Pommerening

Please be aware that I may or may not have fangirled over the Ladies of Beauxbatons, their Headmistress and Professor McGonogall. And maybe Jon Snow and Milo Thatch. 

Chelsea got really excited about the DC Bombshell Cosplayer’s and I don’t blame her. I wanted CatWoman’s entire outfit including her super adorable cat purse.

Source: Tumblr

Seriously, how often do you get to see cosplayers from Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Harry Potter in the same place? Or this….

Transformer’s and Tank Girl on Stilts

Now these Cosplays are something to spend a little extra time on. We overheard Tank Girl saying that her husband, Optimus Prime, built all three of these cosplays and they are beyond impressive. Also, Optimus was wondering around honking at people, which was hilarious. Honestly, I was so blown away by the creativity and the authenticity of these cosplays.

Source: GIPHY

Day Two – The Invasion Continues

Sadly, Chelsea and I didn’t get to stay for day 2. We wanted to stay, but work stole us from the convention!!!!! Next year. We will be there until the end!

Final Thoughts

Overall, this year’s NerdCon was a success. The addition of a 2nd day meant that we didn’t have to rush around to see everything all at once. We did have to jump at the opportunity to buy stuff, you don’t want to miss out on the perfect print or mask or figurine. In the end, Chelsea and I had a blast. We can’t wait to attend next year.

Until next time, Thank You NerdCon 2016, You Guys Rock!

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