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New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival

New Jersey Horror Con & Film Festival

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This year’s con season is in full swing and there are more cons than ever. Every year more and more con’s are popping up all over the country and they aren’t just about comics anymore. This year New Jersey has a new convention that will bring horror to life. Well, horror films that is.

We recently found out that the Crowne Plaza in Edison, New Jersey will host the new New Jersey Horror Con & Film Festival this coming March/April. From March 31st -April 2nd, this convention will showcase a fantastic selection of Hollywood icons and feature bone chilling vendors.

New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival

Additionally, a film festival will be going on every day with film selections you don’t want to miss. There will also be giveaways and special events that every horror fan needs to take part in!

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New Jersey Horror Con Special Guests

This year’s VIP guest comes with his own special event! Director, writer, producer, actor, and author, John Walters will be performing “This Filthy World: Filthier and More Horrible” live for VIP guests with a book signing & photo-ops afterwords.

John Walters is often referred to as the King of Bad Taste. His most notable works include: Hairspray, Cry-Baby, Female Trouble, and Desperate Living. Also, some might recognize Mr. Walters from his unforgettable role in the Seed of Chucky.

ALSO, John Walters directed one of my personal favorites (besides Cry-Baby), Serial Mom!

More Guests

First, a Films of Frank Henenlotter Reunion with James Lorinz and Patty Mullen from Frankenhooker, Kevin Van Hentenryck of Basket Case and Rick Hearst of Brain Damage alongside Frank Henenlotter himself!

Next, a Back to the Future 2 Reunion with Jeffrey Weissman, Don Fullilove, Harry Waters Jr. and Ricky Dean Logan. (Of course, there will be a DeLorean on the premises as well!)

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Additional guests include: A Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse Reunion, Randy Havens (Stranger Things), Sharon Smyth Lentz (Dark Shadows), Ted Raimi (Evil Dead 2), Mink Stole (Cry-Baby), and so many more!

In addition to all the guests there will be 3 days of independent films from fantastic creators across the globe. Contests will be running every hour. There will also be sideshow performances and cars from your favorite films. So much family friendly fun you won’t want to miss it.

Convention Information

Tickets for the New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival are on sale now at http://www.newjerseyhorrorcon.com/tickets/

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So put on your favorite rain slicker and put on your favorite song, might I suggest a little Huey Lewis and the News, and get your tickets today!

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