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13th Doctor New Look Unveiled

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The Thirteenth Doctor’s new look has been unveiled and the internet is a buzz.

This morning the BBC revealed this photo.


The photo shows a new look for the TARDIS exterior. The St. John’s Ambulance logo is no longer on the door. The Pull To Open sign has a black background and the windows are different.

Jodie Whittaker will be coming on board the TARDIS Christmas Day when we see Peter Capaldi regenerate from the Twelth Doctor into Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor. It is unknown at this time if Jodie will be seen in this new outfit on Christmas Day. We will most likely not be see this new look until the new episodes air in the Fall of 2018.

Today Costume designer for the Doctor Who, Ray Holman,  posted on his personal twitter account that he is unable to comment on Jodie’s outfit as filming is still in progress.



This tweet left cosplayers frantic to try and find the screen accurate articles of clothing on their own.  The satisfying thing about Doctor Who cosplay is that many of the items worn by the cast are easily found in stores. Making owning screen accurate cosplays possible. The frustrating thing for cosplayers is that by the time filming photos or promotional photos of their outfits are released, the clothes are either no longer available, clearanced out or in limited supply.


As for Jodie’s outfit, responses have been mostly positive.





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