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Brix and the Bitch | Nico Raineau

Nico Raineau’s Brix and the Bitch – Premieres Online

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Today is the one day a year we tend to focus on the celebration of love and romance, Valentine’s Day. Some celebrate by planning a romance candlelight dinner for two or perhaps a movie to share popcorn to. If your choice is the latter, then perhaps you might consider a short film? How about a short film by Nico Raineau? The reason I suggest this is because premiering online today is his latest award winning short film, Brix and the Bitch.

Brix and the Bitch | Nico Raineau

Brix and the Bitch is a romance, action, LBGTQ drama. This short film is about a woman who is trapped in a seedy and illegal fight club, whose only chance to escape is to win a brutal brawl against the one person she refuses to harm.

Dre Swain | The Bitch | Directed by: Nico Raineau

About the Film

Last year, I did a short interview with Nico about this film, which had just won a HollyShort for Best Action Film in 2016. In that interview, Nico told us all about this film and why it is different from some of the other films we see in theaters today. Click here to check out what Nico had to say about his phenomenal film.

Anyways, Brix and the Bitch is an amazing short action film with incredible actors and beautiful storyline. This rather remarkable cast includes: Dre Swain (The Bitch), Alex Marshall-Brown (Brix), David Carey Foster (Big Top), Tim Storms (Barbarian), and Carlos Foglia (Bookie).

The Bitch (Dre Swain) | Brix and the Bitch | Directed by: Nico Raineau

Honestly, this film is really remarkable. It is a must see because the film is action pack and has the ability to tell a compelling story in less than 10 minutes. When done well, short films are mind-blowing because in such a short amount of time you get an entire story. Some films can’t even do that in 90 minutes.

With that said, stop what you are doing, click this link -> https://vimeo.com/203908421 and watch this film.

If you are looking for information regarding the film, the actors, or the director, visit the various social media pages related to the film.

Film Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/brixshortfilm/

Website: www.NicoRaineau.com

Twitter: @NicoRaineau

Instagram: NicoRaineauFilm

Happy Valentine’s Day & Happy Watching!