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Hyper Realistic Cosplay-Interview With HushyPlushy Cosplay

 Happy Cosplay Friday! This week we are featuring an interview with HushyPlushy Cosplay. HushyPlushy Cosplay is a anime cosplayer known for his hyper-realistic cosplays. He features cosplays of characters such as Sephiroth, Sesshomaru, and Ciel Phantomhive. All of his cosplays are detailed orientated and crafted down to the last detail. …

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Anime CTX and The Adventure With The Egg-TOG Picks

The baby sister to Ikkicon, Anime CTX is the end of the summer Anime Convention. Located in central Roundrock, Anime CTX is a perfectly sized convention for a fun weekend trip. Roundrock is a suberb of Austin in itself a great town to visit for shops and restaurant. Although Anime …

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Anime CTX: Pros and Cons of Pro-Cons

I recently got to visit Anime CTX in Round Rock, Texas. It was lots of fun to visit a newer and smaller convention than what I’m used to. Here I’d like to lay out what I think the organizers of the con did right and what they did wrong. Con: …

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Artist Spotlight with Carla Wyzgala

We spoke with artist Carla Wyzgala  and got into her skull about all things art, geek, and pin-ups.  Her amazing style led to a successful collaboration with her sister and Hidden Door Comics. “Blue Eyes and the Beastling” is a 160 page graphic novel in beautiful watercolor, which will be available …

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Retro Rebel Podcast – Episode 27: Sequels And Games Media


Sequels Stacy and Amanda discuss games media: podcasts, let’s plays, and reviews, and what type of gaming media is good (useful) and bad for the industry.  They also discuss game sequels that surpassed their predecessor in quality (not including graphical improvements).  As usual we each list another of our favorite …

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