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The Next Fable!

This week I stumbled across one of the most amazing, attention grabbing stories that I have seen on the interwebs in awhile. The release of a new Fable game for the Xbox One. I remember on the first generation of Xbox, playing the unlikely boy hero that develops into the …

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The Doctor Who Experience

I was able to visit the wonderful Doctor Who Experience on March 20th in Cardiff, Wales. One of my highlights over the years of going to the UK the other being the Harry Potter studios. The DW experience is one worth visiting for all fans of the show either young …

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Under the Radar – Tucker and Dale vs Evil

We all have those little but special things we discover.  Be it a secret food spot, obscure movie, unreleased music track etc etc.  Some covet it to themselves but others will sing its praises.  Me, well I’m guilty of both.  So world, without further adieu I bring you, Tucker and …

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