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An Animated Life: Interviewing Animator GrittySugar

Steff Egan aka GrittySugar is a youtube animator known for her quirky-fun animation style. She has a youtube channel with over 90,000 subscribers. Producing fun renditions of Video Game Play Throughers such as Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and the GameGrumps, she keeps us laughing constantly. With a star sheet lineup like that …

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THE X-FILES RE-OPENED: 3.02-Paper Clip

According to Paper Clip‘s Wikipedia page, there is a quote attributed to “the creators” of the show (I’m assuming they mean Chris Carter when they said creators) which says that the episode was likened to the Star Wars trilogy and Sophie’s Choice. It’s hard to argue with that pitch, because …

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Akon 2017: New Location and New Adventures

This year was Akon 28’s first con in their new location at the Fort Worth Convention Center. I have been attending this Convention for several years now; so when I say the growth that it has experienced within the past few years is astonishing, I mean it. This incredible growth spurt …

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Black Panther easerTrailer Drops And It Looks Amazing!

Black Panther Teaser

Hot on the release of the Black Panther teaser poster, Marvel gives us another treat. They just dropped the teaser trailer for Black Panther, and let me tell you, it looks really good. Check it out for yourself by viewing the video below.   Do you think Marvel has another …

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THE X-FILES RE-OPENED: 3.01-The Blessing Way

Opening immediately after the (literally) explosive final scene of Anasazi, season three of The X-Files begins with The Blessing Way. Make no mistakes, this is a good, sometimes bordering on brilliant episode, but there are issues. We get voice-over courtesy of Albert Hosteen, we get a Native American ceremony that …

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