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May The Fourth – Star Wars Stories from Temple of Geek

May The Fourth. Its the official/unofficial day dedicated to everything Star Wars. Many fans watch the films or play the games on this day. Others simply reminisce about their love for the franchise.We here at the Temple of Geek felt that this day would be a great day to share …

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Streaming Star Wars – Star Wars Soundtracks on Pandora

Star Wars Soundtracks

What do you do if you are Pandora and you want to celebrate May the Fourth? You take a look at the most popular tracks and trends from all of the Star Wars soundtracks! Below is what their findings brought to light: Did you know that Pandora Listeners are huge Star Wars …

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Marvel Iron Fist | Under Leaf Pluck Lotus // Recap Review

Rand is under fire for their chemical emissions, Colleen has a new student, and the Hand introduces a new drug to New York. Now with Rand’s resources and a lead in his investigation, Danny focuses on the Hand’s new synthetic heroin hitting the streets of New York City. After discovering …

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Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Farewell Cruel World // Recap Review

Fittz gives Radcliffe a reason to live, Madame Hydra feels happiness, and Mack reclaims his Hope. With Ward and other SHIELD resistance keeping Coulson’s message of rebellion going, ordinary citizens have risen up against Hydra, who have responded in kind. As Hydra forces beat and torture anyone who stands against …

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