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#CreateICG // vlog

It’s #CreateICG week for the Internet Creator’s Guild! For more info, Follow me on all the internets! Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr:

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THE X-FILES RE-OPENED: 2.15-Fresh Bones

Fresh Bones is not an episode of The X-Files that will go into your top ten favourite episodes of all time list, but, for forty-five minutes it proves to be an incredibly enjoyable thriller that moves at a nice pace, has great twists and turns and boasts probably one of …

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The Super-Flash Musical Crossover – Coming Soon


I know musicals might not be your thing, but this is a musical crossover event you don’t want to miss. With so much musical talent on Supergirl and The Flash how could The CW possibly pass up a chance to showcase that. We’ve only had a taste of the raw talent of these remarkable …

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Beauty and the Beast: A Clash of the Old & New

“Tale as old as time, Tune as old as song, Bittersweet and strange. Finding you can change, Learning you were wrong”  I attended the opening night of the new Beauty and the Beast remake movie and the expectations were up to my chin. The previews had left me concerned, elated, …

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THE X-FILES RE-OPENED: 2.14-Die Hand Die Verletzt

Marking their last scripted episode of The X-Files until season four, their hiatus from the show being a period of time when they went of to create their own series, the sadly short-lived Space:Above and Beyond, Die Hand Die Verletzt sees Glen Morgan and James Wong exit the show (more …

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The Walking Dead: New Frontier…but more of the same

If you’ve played previous games in The Walking Dead Telltale series, or you’re just a fan of the show, I’m sure you’ve heard of the newest iteration in the series.  The Walking Dead: New Frontier puts you in the shoes of a new protagonist, Javier, but you meet up with …

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