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Black Panther easerTrailer Drops And It Looks Amazing!

Black Panther Teaser

Hot on the release of the Black Panther teaser poster, Marvel gives us another treat. They just dropped the teaser trailer for Black Panther, and let me tell you, it looks really good. Check it out for yourself by viewing the video below.   Do you think Marvel has another …

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THE X-FILES RE-OPENED: 3.01-The Blessing Way

Opening immediately after the (literally) explosive final scene of Anasazi, season three of The X-Files begins with The Blessing Way. Make no mistakes, this is a good, sometimes bordering on brilliant episode, but there are issues. We get voice-over courtesy of Albert Hosteen, we get a Native American ceremony that …

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“Kitchen sink episode” was allegedly how Darin Morgan described Anasazi to Chris Carter when the story for the season two finale of The X-Files was being developed. He was not wrong. If season one ended with a slow building, but engrossing and brilliant thriller, then season two, as befits a …

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5 Cliffhanger Mysteries That Will Never Be Solved

Since the dawn of the cinematic universe, studios have been cancelling shows. Whether it be lack of viewers or budgeting mishaps TV studios have chose to cancel some of our favorite shows at the worst of time. These are five of the cliffhanger mysteries that will never be solved.   …

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WhedonCon 2017: Joss Whedon Would Love This Convention

I have been hearing about WhedonCon for about 2 years. Technically, it is less than 2 years, but that is certainly how it felt. I wanted to attend this convention so badly last year, but it just didn’t happen. BUT guess what?!? I went this year and I am so happy …

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