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Classic Game Fest 2017 – Collecting All The Games

Classic Game Fest

Temple of Geek was in Austin Texas this past Saturday attending the 2017 Classic Game Fest. What is Classic Game Fest you ask? It is a convention put on by the gaming store ‘Game Over’ that focuses on gaming. This was their 10th year putting on this show and it …

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Aloha, Comic Con Honolulu!

Hawaii is experiencing a boom in comic book conventions and just this past weekend, July 28th through 30th, fans were treated to the guests and fun of Comic Con Honolulu.   For having only been around a few years, Comic Con Honolulu has been steadily growing and building an impressive …

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REVIEW: The Chair #1 from Alterna Comics

Before we begin discussing The Chair #1, let’s get into the mood: find a person who loves you enough to deliver a swift kick to your lower stomach. I’ll wait…   Done? Good. Now you’re ready for a story of humanity being stripped away in a cold cell while waiting …

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Review: Mother Russia #1 From Alterna Comics

Review: Mother Russia #1 From Alterna Comics If your into the whole zombie/horror/post apocalyptic story lines such as myself. Then you will be delightfully satisfied in Mother Russia #1 from Alterna Comics. First off we have the story and art by Jeff Mccomsey. This book is set in 1943, where …

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