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Cosplay Connection – Season 2 Episode 5: Miss Mad Love

Miss Mad Love

Miss Mad Love On this episode of Cosplay Connection, I meet with the one and only Madison of Miss Mad Love Cosplay. Madison is a Texas based cosplayer who creates some of the most stunning cosplay ever. Her Power Girl and Thor costumes are out of this world. She was an …

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Top 5 Star Wars Characters: The Prequel Era

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Star Wars release, we are scouring the movies, cartoons, and related material for the best characters to come from the prequel era.  It goes without saying that we are huge Star Wars fans here at the Temple of Geek.  In spite of the …

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Marvel Iron Fist | Felling Tree with Roots // Recap Review

Ward enjoys his secrets, Colleen receives a visitor, and New York is no place for the Iron Fist. Angered by Madame Gao’s treachery during the tournament, Danny pursues the Hand’s interests in Rand with renewed vigor. His search is made easier when Gao herself pays a visit to Danny’s office, …

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Marvel Agents of SHIELD | World’s End // Finale Recap Review

The Ghost Rider returns, Aida tries to recreate her fascist state, and SHIELD takes the fight back home. On the defense against Aida, SHIELD comes under attack from the political arena. Once again, the world holds a meeting to discuss SHIELD and its Inhuman problem. In attendance is Ivanov and …

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