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Retro Rebel Podcast – Episode 7: Video Game Awards

Video Game Awards

The Winner Goes To…. Stacy, Amanda, and Danniel discuss the Video Game Awards. They break down several of the categories and discuss who they thought should have won. There is a lot of Nintendo hate in this one from Amanda, so be prepared. I mean, it’s Zelda! What more needs to …

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year according to Andy Williams and you know what? He’s kind of right. Spending time with family and friends, exchanging gifts, eating turkey and lots of fatty foods and my favourite part? The movies. Time to get out those DVDs and Blu Ray’s …

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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 4.08 Mid Season Finale Recap Review

The media is covering a potential threat in Los Angeles, SHIELD sends in the big guns, and doesn’t anyone remember Ultron?! After Dr. Morrow’s escape from SHIELD, he prepares for the next step in evolution of his powers. SHIELD, drawing the attention from the media, surrounds his hideout and prepares …

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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD “Slingshot” Recap Review

With Daisy rejoining SHIELD, Elena makes sure they get their story straight. After the Ghostrider disappeared into another dimension with Dr. Morrow, Daisy traded in her fugitive status for that of a SHIELD agent once again. But all is not forgiven as Elena and Daisy prepare to answer questions about …

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Temple of Geek Interviews Mark Hamill about Pop Culture Quest

Pop Culture Quest

Temple of Geek was invited to a Winter Series showcase of Comic-Con HQ premieres. While we were there, we happened to bump into the Jedi Master himself, Mark Hamill. We asked him a few questions about his new show, Pop Culture Quest which is streaming now on (Tiffany) I’m Tiffany and …

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THE ToG MOVIE BUCKET LIST #14: Jurassic Park

If you were of a young age, say around nine, during the summer of 1993, then it was one of those defining years that you remember with a lot of love, primarily because of one movie; Jurassic Park. The film’s poster, which proclaimed to be “an adventure 65 million years …

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THE X-FILES RE-OPENED: 1.22-Born Again/1.23-Roland

This week’s edition of The X-Files Re-Opened features reviews of Born Again and Roland. Born Again is about spiritual revenge from beyond the grave with a resurrection theme. Roland on the other hand is about spiritual revenge from beyond the grave with a…err…resurrection theme? Yes, bizarrely, and most likely by …

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Temple of Geek “ToGCast” Episode 81: The CW Invasion Crossover


INVASION Danniel, Katie and Paul share their thoughts on the mega 4 night CW Crossover, Invasion! They break down their thoughts on what they thought of all four shows. You know, technically, Supergirl was not really part of the crossover but we will leave that for the episode. Please enjoy the show! Temple …

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Retro Rebel Podcast – Episode 6: Role Playing Games

Role Playing Games

Role Playing Games! Stacy, Amanda, and Danniel discuss how they got into Role Playing Games. The consideration for RPGs is is wide ranging so you might hear a game mentioned that you would not consider a Role Playing Game. They quickly then discuss what Role Playing World they would want …

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