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5 Cliffhanger Mysteries That Will Never Be Solved

Since the dawn of the cinematic universe, studios have been cancelling shows. Whether it be lack of viewers or budgeting mishaps TV studios have chose to cancel some of our favorite shows at the worst of time. These are five of the cliffhanger mysteries that will never be solved.   …

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Cosplay Connection – Season 2 Episode 5: Miss Mad Love

Miss Mad Love

Miss Mad Love On this episode of Cosplay Connection, I meet with the one and only Madison of Miss Mad Love Cosplay. Madison is a Texas based cosplayer who creates some of the most stunning cosplay ever. Her Power Girl and Thor costumes are out of this world. She was an …

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Top 5 Star Wars Characters: The Prequel Era

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Star Wars release, we are scouring the movies, cartoons, and related material for the best characters to come from the prequel era.  It goes without saying that we are huge Star Wars fans here at the Temple of Geek.  In spite of the …

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The Art of Nerdlesque: An in Depth Interview With Courtney Cruz

Courtney Cruz is owner, producer, dancer, and nerd extraordinaire at Devil’s Playground Burlesque. California native, her shows are the pioneers in the realm of “Nerdlesque”. Her company produces shows such as The last Show on Alderaan, Video Game Girls, and A Dark Knight of Burlesque. We got her to sit down for …

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The Temple of Geek Microcast Episode 11: The Defenders Trailer

Marvel’s The Defenders Trailer Danniel and Paul discuss Marvel’s The Defenders trailer that was recently released. Is Elektra helping the team? Is she the big bad. We discuss this and more on this episode of the Microcast. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at or …

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May The Fourth – Star Wars Stories from Temple of Geek

May The Fourth. Its the official/unofficial day dedicated to everything Star Wars. Many fans watch the films or play the games on this day. Others simply reminisce about their love for the franchise.We here at the Temple of Geek felt that this day would be a great day to share …

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Streaming Star Wars – Star Wars Soundtracks on Pandora

Star Wars Soundtracks

What do you do if you are Pandora and you want to celebrate May the Fourth? You take a look at the most popular tracks and trends from all of the Star Wars soundtracks! Below is what their findings brought to light: Did you know that Pandora Listeners are huge Star Wars …

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