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Nintendo Classic: Buyers Beware of Price Gouging

NINTEDO CLASSIC The Nintendo Classic game systems was released on November 11th 2016 in limited supply. Fans went crazy trying to get a hold of this elusive game system. Since Christmas is right around the corner, I am sure you are trying to find one for that special someone. Please …

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THE X-FILES RE-OPENED: 1.18-Miracle Man/1.19-Shapes

Religious phenomena is something that pops up on The X-Files every once in a while and is usually an excuse to have Mulder and Scully swap their traditional believer/skeptic partnership. Except for the first time they did an episode with a religious theme, in the shape of Miracle Man, where it’s …

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WESTWORLD: 1.09-The Well Tempered-Clavier

Damn, now that was exhausting. Revelation piled on top of revelation is the name of the game here and even still it feels like we’re still a hundred questions away from knowing the complete truth. But what an hour of television this is. Directed with aplomb by Michelle MacClaren, one …

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Amazon Dash Buttons : Reviewing 1-touch Replenishment

Amazon Dash button

Thanks to a whopping Black Friday deal, I’ve been able to secure a house-full of Amazon Dash buttons. These buttons, released in the UK in August 2016 & available in the USA, can be configured by Amazon Prime members to wirelessly order specific products from key brands. The product ordered …

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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 4.07 Recap Review

Mack sharpens his axe, Simmons investigates Terrigenisis, and Aida opens a portal to the other dimensions. Coulson, Fittz, and Robbie are missing after Eli’s energy explosion, leaving the rest of SHIELD to figure out what happened to them. Feelings are mixed between believing them dead or not, pushing some of …

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YOU KNOW MY NAME: A Retrospective on Casino Royale (2006)

You couldn’t escape the negativity. “Craig Not Bond” cried headlines, and even a website address, when it was announced that blonde haired Daniel Craig would be replacing Pierce Brosnan as the famed British super-spy in the world’s longest running movie franchise. Then the impossible happened. A black and white opening …

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Retro Rebel Podcast – Episode 5: Our Top 7 Games

Top 7 Games

TOP 7 GAMES! Stacy, Amanda, Danniel, and Rooster discuss their favorite top 7 games ever. They discuss why their picks are their favorites. Enjoy! We also just started a new Patreon page!!! Please head over to to see how you can help us make this and our other shows better. …

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