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Once Upon a New Season-Once Upon a Time Season 7

As a saga of a series closes, another opens. ABC just posted its new look at a new season of Once Upon a Time. As most of the original series actors are moving on to other ventures, the show has chosen to completely revamp. A new a curse has happened …

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Justice for DC-Justice League Sneak Peak Drops at SDCC

Although the Justice League trailer has already released, during SDCC DC gave its fans a four minute preview of the new movie. Between the Aquaman redesign and the recent Wonder Woman release DC has held viewers attention. They did not disappoint with the release of the Justice League sneak preview …

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The Animation Panels Of San Diego Comic Con 2017

Animation - Ducktales

Temple of Geek was in attendance of several animation panels this Friday at SDCC 2017. The panels consisted of My Little Pony, Star and the Force of Evil, Milo Murphey’s Law, Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Ducktales. Here are some blurbs of each of the panels. My …

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