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Payday 2: What I’ve learned on my way to V-100

Payday 2 V-100

So I recently made it to level V-100 in Payday 2. This took me 270 hours  spread over time since the game was released in August of 2013. Of course I also played Payday 1 prior to that. But I wanted to take a moment to share some key tips that have helped me on my way. I will say, don’t read too much into this. I’m sure there are many more tips and tricks that are plenty helpful. Many involving stealth. So let me throw this out there. I don’t stealth. I like to have fun. :)

1. Shoot bulldozers… in the face.

Payday 2 Bulldozer

Something that took me a while to pick up was the fact that the face masks on bulldozers will break if you shoot them enough. When they do break, their bare face will expose and that small window of opportunity mean 0% armor! I must re-iterate, the face. You cannot shoot them on the side or back of their head. The only way their face mask will break is if you shoot it.

2. Thanatos .50 Cal Sniper is OP!

Payday 2 Thanatos

I say again, the Thanatos .50 Cal Sniper is OP. On overkill, the only special you’ll have to spend more than one bullet on is a bulldozer and it’s just two! This is definitely a weapon you want to work your way up to. I’d say work with a Rattlesnake sniper first. This will get you an idea of how the snipers handle in the game and also get you comfortable using them without having to worry too much about ammo. The reason I say this is because even with Fully Loaded from the Enforcer skill tree, the Thanatos will only hold 19 bullets maximum. I regularly saved my bullets for special cops and kept a high capacity ammo weapon as my secondary. *cough*streetsweeper*cough*

3. Give dodge a chance

PAYDAY 2 Armor

An issue I struggled with was actually trying out a dodge build to see if it would work. I was highly skeptical and thought for sure I’d go down in seconds in an Overkill heist. As is turns out, dodge can be your best friend. You can almost think of dodge as armor but infinite AND does a better job of protecting you from enemies. I can’t count how many times I’ve ran out in a huge storm of bullets to help someone up and I don’t get downed due to the dodge.

4.Four Stores + Overkill = Your First Ten Levels

Payday 2

One of the Easiest contracts in the game. All you need is a single ECM Jammer and that green ATM in the background of the picture above. As soon as the heist starts, put on your mask, find and place the ECM on the ATM, wait for the escape van. The most “difficult” aspect of it is surviving the couple of minutes until the van arrives.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got. I’m sure I could probably think of a few more but they just aren’t hitting me right now. Are there any you think should be mentioned? Let me know! Be sure to catch my stream at: http://templeofgeek.com/marcus-live-feed and follow me. Now I leave you with this, a few weird things I’ve managed to capture while playing and the last heist I played to reach V-100, Hoxton Breakout (Overkill).

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