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Preparing For a Con: An Interview With Makeup Artist Laci Hill

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It’s that time yet again,  SDCC steadily approaches. The last minute touches are being placed on cosplays. So as you finish your cosplays, certified makeup artist Laci Hill offers advice on how to make your cosplay looks and keep them together. Laci Hill is a LA based makeup artist hailing from a small Texas town. She specializes in fashion makeup, natural beauty, character makeup, facial hair, injuries, and light hairstyling.  She answered some common questions when it comes to cosplay.


JR: How did you get started in makeup?

Laci:High School Theater started me out. I was the girl that would help others out (especially the boys) with their stage makeup and I was surprisingly good at old age makeup.


JR: What is a product people who do costume makeup should carry?

Laci: Setting Spray and Translucent Powder.

JR: Is there a product you suggest to help makeup last long hours?

Laci: Before doing any makeup at all, get a good primer. My favorite is Embryolisse Lait-Créme Concentré. When you’re finished with the makeup, set with powder and a good setting spray like Green Marble SeLr.

JR: What is a suggest you would have for someone wanting to redraw their eyebrows a different shape?

Laci: I like to use Elmer’s Glue Stick over the eyebrows to glue the eyebrows down and smooth out the eyebrow texture with a pallet knife (it’s water soluble, so removal is easy). Then go over the eyebrows with a heavy cream based foundation to cover the color.

JR: How would you go about recreating this makeup look and what are some products you’d suggest doing it with?

Laci: For this makeup look, you really just need a good black waterproof/smudge-proof eyeliner (Urban Decay makes some GREAT eyeliners for this). Just trace the low areas of the face as shown in the picture.


JR:Are there a certain brand of eyelashes and eyelash glue you would recommend for someone who needs long-lasting wear power?

Laci: Duo Glue is an industry Standard. I don’t know any makeup artist who doesn’t have this in their kit. Although any brand of lashes is fine, just trim the lashes so that they fit your eye. That’s the key to keeping them from popping off throughout the day.

JR:What is the best way in your opinion to create false freckles?

Laci: Dilute a brown cream makeup or alcohol based makeup in alcohol, swirl a toothbrush in the diluted brown makeup, and splatter your face by running your fingernail down the bristles.

JR: What is the best way to teach yourself how to do makeup?

Laci: Practice, take pictures, show your friends, and be open to critique. Notably Youtube videos can help with certain looks, as well, but remember that everyone’s face is different, so a look you see on YouTube might not be 100% achievable on a different face.


Be sure to check out more of Laci Hill’s work via her website at https://www.lacihillmake-up.com/  Or check out her on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/Laci-Hill-Makeup-Artist-119582081391916/


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