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Resident Evil is a new release?!? I don’t know what world I checked out to over the past month, but I was browsing over Twitch and I was seeing some gameplay of Resident Evil. I was expecting to see one of the latest letdowns that have cult members or bizarre parasitic humans. What I found were the beautifully re-mastered zombies that were chasing down the player that was broadcasting to their channel.

I tuned in just in time to watch as the player blew away a zombie with the almighty (piece of crap) Berretta that always seems to run out of bullets at the worst possible time. I was able to watch as the player climbed the staircase of the mansion and crows attacked. The only two events that I wish I would have been able to watch were the dogs that always jumped out just in time to make me wet my pants and the almighty Licker that shows up as soon as you get down to your last clip of ammo.

Don’t get me wrong, as great as it was to see the classic was re-made, the issue of the terrible camera angles was still very much an obstacle. The camera angles make parts of the game much harder than it needs to be as well as the frustration that comes with it. I didn’t really see anything that will be turning me away from diving into the past, so it is definitely on my list of games to acquire in the near future.

I cannot wait to get my hands on the berretta pistol and look for the classic gem eyes of statues to hunt down and unlock the path that needs to be taken. I’ll just have remember to keep up with picking up those ink ribbons. I just feel bad for the young folk of today when they play this game because they will have no idea what a typewriter is!