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Retro Rebel Gamecast: A Normal Lost Phone

This week on the Retro Rebel Gamecast what we’re playing as well as all things Mass Effect: Andromeda.  One such game I recently finished was A Normal Lost Phone by Plug in Digital. 

A Normal Lost Phone is a mobile game where you fulfill your desire to rifle through a strangers phone.

The home screen of A Normal Lost Phone acts exactly like a cell phone home screen.  Each of the icons opens a completely functional app to explore.

The in-game music is fantastic and begins playing in the background when you boot the game.  There are many songs to choose from on the playlist.

The text messages are an integral part of piecing the in-game puzzles together.  Some of the stories and puzzles are relatively difficult, but the conclusion is satisfying.  The game tackles important topics in an intelligent and intuitive way.  Though the pacing might deter some looking for a more action-based experience, A Normal Lost Phone is a nice change of pace and worth a look.

For more on this game and a spoiler-y look at Mass Effect Andromeda, check out this weeks Retro Rebel Gamecast Episode 15!

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