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Return of the King

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If you haven’t heard yet, Bruce Campbell is reprising his role as Ashley Williams for the up coming Ash vs Evil Dead series exclusive to Star’z. Those close to me know I’m a Evil Dead superfan, and knew a bit about this since the 2014 Austin Comic con when I spoke to the man himself. Originally the plan was to make a cross over of the 2013 movie with Jane Levy returning as Mia and Ash fighting the deadites together.  This was of course scrapped but Bruce hinted Jane or at least the character of Mia could still make an appearance in the upcoming series. Bruce also mentioned in a recent interview that they roughly have 5 seasons planned out, and that Lucy Lawless aka Xena:Warrior Princess is in the new series.

Now if you need something right now, over the last few years there have been quite a few Evil Dead/Army of Darkness comics with my personal favorite being Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness. There are also a few games but honestly I can’t recommend them but maybe this fanfilm I found on youtube can help hold you over for a while.  Here’s to hoping for a kick ass series that brings the cult classic version back into main stream media, and the hearts and minds of the younger generations for years to come.  Hail to the King Baby!