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REVIEW: FuJitsu #1 & #2 from AfterShock Comics

It’s a little late, but once I found this title, I wanted to make sure I’d hunted down both issues and read through it properly. So let’s just jump right in with:

FuJitsu from AfterShock Comics is insane.

In a great way, though. I’ll see if I can come close to doing it justice with some kind of explanation. It’s the story of Fu, a century-old master of multiple forms of Kung Fu and Science who still looks like a kid. His arch nemesis who’s returned from his prison cell located somewhere at the end of time is Robert Wadlow – another preternaturally old figure with a brilliant tactical mind and the look of a lanky chimneysweep that would make any hipster jealous.

Action has a new name! (More impressive if said in Movie Guy Voice.)


Fu has spent months in sensory deprivation tanks beneath the Antarctic, but must now reengage the world since Wadlow has acquired the Atomic Katana. It’s the most powerful magical weapon in all existence and Wadlow is moving to conquer the world by eliminating Fu – his only true threat. He enlists the help of his primary assassin, James Dean (yes, that James Dean), to kill Fu.

Still with me? Rad.

Cyborg girlfriends! Now with movie projectors in their eyes!


Fu teams up with his cyborg ex-girlfriend to build a giant robot that will aid in the fight against Wadlow. After fighting it out with a rouge’s gallery of his former villains (including the Jugular Juggler Juggalo), another version of himself shows up (I assume) from the future to slap Fu around a bit.

Told ya.


Are you kind of exhausted? I am, and I haven’t even scratched the surface of this book.

But honestly, it’s this level of over-the-top that I think is the genius of this series. FuJitsu does what a comic book should do: goes to the extreme, budget-free extents of the imagination. Jai Nitz (co-creator & writer) and Wesley St. Claire (co-creator & artist) are still establishing the rules of this world and I’m all in for the ride. Their styles are fun, funny, dynamic, but not necessarily so cartoonish that you take it all as a joke. In fact, the alternate history/fantasy/sci-fi of it all really becomes engaging and fun.

The only thing I wonder about is the pacing. It’s extremely fast. Story progression and action move at a blur at times, which is very different from the “slow burn” style that’s become so popular in the industry. I’m not saying it’s a drawback, but curious as to if there’s a long-term story plan with this title, or is it a quick high-octane kind of adventure that’s simply to be enjoyed?

I’ll find out and let you know.

Overall: 4.5 of 5 stars – definitely give it a read!

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