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SDCC Predictions

San Diego Comic Con 2017 – My SDCC Predictions: Was I Right?

My Prediction Results

Leading up to the convention, I released several predictions of what I thought we might see at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. I decided to share the results of my predictions with you. Below are links to my predictions and their outcomes. Was I right? Keep reading and find out…


Prediction Part One: Marvel Studios gets Fantastic Four Back

Outcome: WRONG

What We Learned: Legion showrunner, Noah Hawley, is developing a Doctor Doom movie for Fox.


Prediction Part 2 Trailers: The trailers of SDCC

Outcome: 3 out of 7

What I Got Right:

Pacific Rim: Uprising


Ready Player One



Justice League: Infinity War

No video released to the public but the trailer that was show at D23 was shown at SDCC 2017.


Prediction Part 3 Trailers: DC Predictions

Outcome: WRONG

What We Learned: We got a Justice League trailer and Ben Affleck may not leave Batman. Nothing else…


Prediction Part 4 Trailers: Marvel Predictions

Outcome: MIXED

What I Got Right:

We got details of The Punisher

We got a new Defenders trailer

Infinity War trailer got shown



I feel like this year’s SDCC didn’t really pump out the news like previous years. Marvel’s panel, while entertaining, only revealed snippets of new movies like Captain Marvel and Antman and the Wasp. Warner Bros only focused on three movies, Justice League, Ready Player One, and Blade Runner. I feel Netflix was the biggest winner this year. They had more offerings and released new sporadically to keep you interested.

If I had to pick a favorite announcement from the convention, I would have to say it was the Ready Player One trailer. I was not expecting what I saw. That trailer got me excited to see this movie. I loved the book and cannot wait to see what Spielberg pulled off.

What was your favorite moment from SDCC 2017? Did you even have one? Do you think the convention is not as great as it has been in the past? Let me know your thoughts by sounding off below.

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