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Cat Woman, Used with permission

Interview with SDCC 2017 Artist Scott Blair!

We sit down with Scott Blair to discuss SDCC 2017, art, and feet.  Check out Scott at SDDC at FF-18, Instagram, and Kickstarter VS: Vamps vs Wolves

Cat Woman, Used with permission

What are you looking forward to this year at SDCC?

Last year was my first experience at SDCC, and I was overwhelmed! Just seeing the whole area outside the convention center transformed into a playground promoting upcoming movies and comics, it really blew my mind. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this year, just so many cool things to geek out on! Also, this year I’ll have copies of my new comic book VS: Vamps vs Wolves #1, so I’m excited to share that with the SDCC crowd. I’m also debuting the first pieces of my Tribute to 90’s Anime series, so I can’t wait to talk 90’s anime with everyone!


What are you not looking forward to at SDCC?

The sidewalk in front of the convention center! Haha That sidewalk movies so slow when the exhibit hall closes and its a really long walk when I’m ready to go out, finally grab a bite to eat and explore the town. That’s it, that’s the only thing I remember from last year that bugged me. Also, snacks, must bring more snacks.

Do you ever get to check out some of the other con stuff or are you married to your booth?

Thankfully, I have an exhibitor badge that lets me in early so I have a couple hours to walk around and take pics and check out all the new Hot Toys coming out. That’s about the only time I get to check things out and talk to fellow artists. Once the show starts, I like to stay at the booth to work on commissions and meet everyone who stops by. I’d hate for someone to make the effort to see me, and not be there when they came by.


Is there a particular genre or character you like drawing the most?

That’s tough. I’m actually coming to terms with the fact that I have always been a fan of multiple genres, and have a hard time focusing on one thing. All my life, I have been into video games, movies, comic books, wrestling, MMA, anime, manga, pinup art, movie posters, pulp illustration, so many different things. So I guess I try to take all those influences and combine them and create something that speaks to me. That’s why I enjoy drawing mashup pieces, when I can combine multiple genres and produce something new.

When did you discover you had a talent and when did you decide to start selling your art?

Growing up in my family business that dealt in movie posters, comics and collectible from the 1940’s & 50’s, I was always surrounded by stunning artwork and it had a big impact on what I wanted to do with my life. After I reached the end of my baseball career in college, I decided to put all of my effort into drawing and creating. It took me a few years, but I eventually sold enough pieces to pay off my student loans and go full time.


What made you decide to make the switch from graphic arts to pen?

When I started attending conventions to promote and sell my first pin-up book, a lot of attendees wanted conventions sketches, and I noticed that many artists were drawing with markers. At one show, a fan brought me a dozen Copic markers and I’ve been hooked ever since. There is a such a good feeling completing a drawing from start to finish, making errors along the way and no Control-Z button to go back and redo your mistakes. I also think drawing with Copics has greatly affect my colors choices.

Have you ever had to sell a piece that you had an attachment to? And how hard was it to sell?

All the time. Unfortunately, for me to do art full time, I have to sell most of the pieces I create to pay the bills and put back into my business. It actually makes me feel better when a piece is going to a good home, and I can transfer the happiness I had creating to them. I still have a couple pieces, I may never sell but not many.


What’s with the all the foot art?

I had a commission request for a Pepper Potts from the Iron Man movies, and the client pointed out to me that she walked around barefoot a lot in her scenes. So I drew Pepper barefoot and uploaded it to the internet, and Wham! All of a sudden, I was slammed with requests from collectors for more sketches. Then HeavyMetal.com did an article on the barefoot variant covers, and the requests have been nonstop ever since. I’m glad so many people like them!

Your art is sometimes a little adult oriented, have you had any really extreme requests?

I like to think I walk the line, I’ve always preferred cheesecake and tease to straight up adult works. I get requests all the time, but I politely turn down most of them. I’d much rather stick to humor and tongue-in-cheek pieces, it’s always more sexy to use your imagination to to see everything.


Was there a strange transition going from MMA to comic characters?

Not really! Growing up playing Street Fighter 2 in the arcades in high school, Capcom art was a huge influence on me. I collected Capcom art books and drew Street Fighter style artworks of wrestlers. I also had watched the first UFC events on VHS, so I was familiar with the fighters when MMA came back and really hit big. So when I was approached to draw some MMA pieces for various clients and websites, I had already been drawing a bunch of wrestling DVD covers and promotional pieces. When I started getting back into comics (I had stopped reading and collecting in the 90’s), there were tons of characters that I was looking forward to drawing.

What do you have planned for after SDCC? Exclusives?

My second Kickstarter project, for my original comic VS: Vamps vs Wolves #2, will be live during SDCC and should finish shortly after. So I’ll be wrapping up that project and finishing the custom VS sketch covers and getting everything ready to ship out to backers. As far as exclusives for SDCC, I’ll have a limited number of pop art mini-prints created specifically for show, including Catpool, Retro Jason and Wonder Woman. I’m also bringing some original Copic marker sketch variants, and SDCC attendees will have the first chance at them.

Check out Scott at SDCC at  booth FF-18!



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