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SDCC 2018 Artist Interview with Josh Figueroa

Josh Figueroa caught our eye with his amazing detailed sketches and love for all things geek. He’ll be doing a lot at this years San Diego Comic Con, including a sketch commissions all day and a huge Spider-man 3 panel.  When you get the chance please check out Josh at FF-15 at this years SDCC.
What was it about “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs” and “Daredevil” playing such a big part in your life?  
I read “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” when I was a little kid and what blew me away then just as it does now are the drawings and the incredible amount of detail in each. I get lost each time I open it from time to time. “Daredevil : Born Again” was pivotal in my awakening as a artist because after I read it, I decided that I wanted to tell stories and draw comics. I realized you could be a director, the writer, the lighting person, the cinematographer and so on as a comic artist. I currently have 6 different intellectual properties in different stages of development for comics, one of which I will have a poster of at comic con
You also have a book out “52 Sunsets for Calm Coloring” what brought that about? 
The coloring book was a result of me pitching ideas after showing my art to the publishing department at the book publisher where I worked at 4 or 5 years in at the suggestion of the companies VP. I was hired to draw their book idea under their direction. I finished illustrating all 52 illustrations a few years ago and its still on hold to be published. I have no control over when they decide to publish it or not but samples are on my website.
What can you tell us about the children’s book you are working on?
The children’s book I am working on is an action based hero journey based on Aztec mythology aimed for 9 to 11 years old. I just secured the trademark and the website url and more info will be up on my website. If you want to check it out, see me in person at the 2018 San Diego Comic Con International at table# FF-15 or wait for crowdfunding information on my website.
What’s the typical day for you at SDCC?  Is there a typical?
I draw sketch cover commissions all day long and have a blast doing so. If I dont work on that, I will be drawing something and very open to talk to all the great and enthusiastic comic and pop culture fans going to the show. Please stop by and say hello. This year, I will have free Captain America prints for veterans or retired service members while supplies last.
Do you have any exclusives for this years SDCC?  Or any surprises? 
I am working on a huge Spider-man 3-panel poster for Comic Con International. Its Spider-man vs the Sinister Six and I will have prints of it at the show. I will also have pre-drawn sketch covers in pencil for sale. I will also be available for custom art commissions.
At SDCC do you get time to walk around and enjoy the con or is it all work? 
I do make it a point to walk around every day whether its for lunch with friends living in San Diego or to go buy art prints from my favorite artists or the occasional art book I may be itching to buy. Or graphic novels I need to add to my collection.
Which characters do you enjoy working on the most?  And which do you not like at all? 
I enjoy working the most on my own characters so I can flesh them out and make them believable. Beyond that, I would love having a crack at Spiderman vs Venom, Carnage, Scorpion, Tarantula, and other villains. And there isn’t a character I don’t like drawing or would mind drawing.
For you how does SDCC differ from other cons? 
Its the largest, biggest, most enjoyable show in the comic industry and a pop culture event.
What’s one thing you wish fans understood about artists working at Cons? 
That we are people and we need to make money also. Artists have expenses and therefore you shouldn’t haggle with them like you are at a swap meet. Just because they draw fast doesn’t mean their skill and experience should be undervalued. Support them, buy their art, buy their comics, keep the comic medium alive please.
What are you looking forward to most at SDCC 2018?
Just the honor and pleasure of being in Artists Alley is a reward and a privilege. Creating art commissions for people is another privilege and always a privilege. I would love to hear about and see what Marvel and DC are up to as far as movie plans. I just love comics and all related news and media to be honest. I am a fan just like everyone else!

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