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SDCC 2018 Interview with Jason Christman

We checked in the Jason Christman, his unique style has a vintage look that works well with the original Star Wars Trilogy.  You can pick up his amazing prints on his website or at the Acme Archives Booth #5629.  Let’s find out more about Jason Christman!

How did you find your vintage style? 

Having been in the advertising world my whole life, I just kept finding myself drawn to the style and design of early advertising and marketing styles of Saul Bass, Paul Rand, Herb Lubalin and the like.  So I bring that to my work with things I love like Star Wars.  The use of space and typography are key.  I will spend hours and hours on the most minimalist print.  Looking at it from every angle, blurring my eyes or just in the peripheral vision, seeing it in different surroundings.
Obviously Star Wars was a big influence for you, what were some of your other earlier geeky influences?
I grew up watching all the old classic sci fi stuff.  I lived for it.  The good ones and the bad ones.  Including books like by Robert Heinlein.  But I was also very drawn to movie posters and animations.  Especially Saul Bass’ style in his movie title sequences.
You’ve also worked in almost all Sci-Fi properties… Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Battlestar Gallactica… what’s next for you?
I am currently focused on Star Wars still.  Working on a few new pieces for my submission to Star Wars Celebration Chicago in 2019.  I only do original trilogy related stuff when it comes to Star Wars.  There is still a lot I get out of it.  They just keep coming to me.  I have a lot of stuff no one has ever seen.  It’s hard to stop working on a piece and of course if it is being licensed I can not show it to anyone till it is approved and green lit from the licensee company.
What was it like for you to have a licensed Lucasfilm print?  For any fan getting recognition from Lucasfilm must be amazing… 
It was and is amazing!  I honestly never thought it would happen.  Every door I tried I either never heard back or it was not the right avenue.  Then I found Acme Archives.  But even still I never heard back for 4 or 5 months.  I thought it was also a dead end.  Then one day they called out of the blue and said, “We love your prints and so does Lucas Films.  They have already approved your pieces and we want to get them out for SDCC 2012 in two weeks.”  I was in shock and on cloud nine all at once.  Since then I have done over 20 licensed prints and exclusives for last 3 Star Wars Celebrations.
What exclusives will you be bringing to SDCC 2018?
This year I will not be there personally at this time, but I will have my prints there at the Acme Archives booth.  It’s a big booth.  You can’t miss it.  #5629  You will for sure be able to find my latest speeder series of 3 prints.  Lukes land speeder on Tatooine, The snow speeder on hoth and the speeder bike on endor.  16×24 lithos on a matte stock.  The look incredible.  Acme also takes the time to frame and matte the prints that really makes them pop.  I am sure you will also be able to find some of my older series prints that have not yet sold out.  There is still a slim chance I might be there in person.  We have to wait and see.
What’s a typical day for you at SDCC?  Is there a typical?
Typically for artists it is not very interesting for story telling LOL.  You sit all day behind a table and discuss your prints and designs.  We don’t get out from that table very much at all.  But being able to be there before it opens and after it closes is simply the best.  You get to see and talk to all the other venders without the hustle and bustle of the crowds and thousand of people everywhere.  That aspect is amazing!
Let’s talk about your son’s Youtube channel… What’s it like having your son love Star Wars just as much as you?  And has he helped to influence your work?
Thanks for asking!  He doesn’t have a choice, since his middle name is Skywalker, so he has to live with it forever. LOL  Luckily he loves it as much as I do.  When he asked me if he could have his own YouTube channel i was 100% behind the idea.  I help him shoot and edit and bring what I can to the table to help him.  Plus being a motion graphics director I get to play with some cool ideas.  Although he doesn’t have many followers he tries really hard to be entertaining and do some fun stuff.  He gets final say.  I couldn’t be more proud.  youtube.com/c/kaidenskywalker

What sets SDCC apart from all the other cons?
Good question.  The one thing as a licensed artist I respect more than any other con is the fact that they only allow licensed work in the show and the table is free.  It is a very well vetted system and I really appreciate that.  I understand there is a lot of great fan art out there that is more than good enough be a licensed piece.  But you have to pay your dues and get through the proper channels to be able to legally sell another persons intellectual property.  Respect.
What’s the one thing you wish everyone understood about artists at SDCC?
Same things applies to this question as well.  These artist at SDCC have been through a lot to get there.  Rejection, criticism, failure and more.  Of course there are a lot of comic artists there selling and or showing off their latest creations.  And they have all been through the same thing.  Maybe even harder because they are trying to get their own ideas in the hands of people who will appreciate it.  It can be brutal some days and over the top exhilaration the next.
What are you looking forward to the most at SDCC 2018?
Hopefully being there in person. LOL  But I am kind of a fan boy so anything new from Star Wars or Firefly I want it to see it!  I also love all the exclusive teasers for upcoming movies.

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