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SDCC Predictions

San Diego Comic Con 2017 – My SDCC Predictions: Part 4

San Diego Comic Con starts today and I thought I would share my last round of predictions. Over the last few days I gave you SDCC predictions of a certain family joining the MCU, what trailers I believe are going to be revealed, and what DC may have up their sleeves. This post will be about what Marvel  will be dropping this Saturday in Hall H.

Thanos and the Gauntlet!

SDCC Predictions

It has been announced that Marvel will take up 90 minutes in Hall H Saturday at 5:30pm PST. What does Marvel have planned that will take a whole 90 minutes? I can bet there will be a lot of Avengers talk. A special trailer was shown to attendees at D23 last week. You know Marvel will more than likely show that trailer or another special teaser to Hall H. I also believe we are going to start getting official news about Phase 4 of the Marvel Universe which, if I am not mistaken will begin with the sequel to Spider-Man Homecoming.

Other Marvel Predictions

  • Marvel is going to reveal more of the characters that will be in Infinity War (Possibly Netflix heroes?)
  • Speaking of Netflix, we are going to get details of the new Punisher series.
  • Another trailer for the Defenders?
  • Marvel is going to announce a new character that will be getting a movie in phase 4.
  • An announcement of an Agents of Shield/Inhumans crossover.
  • A first look at what Marvel has planned for the MCU’s 10th Anniversary.


I predict that most of this will actually happen. Marvel Studios is on a roll with their films and you can guarantee that have some big surprises in store for us this Saturday. Do you agree with any of these predictions? Do you think Marvel will reveal something not mentioned here? Please let me know what your thoughts are by commenting below.

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