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Kimchi Kosplay

Cosplay Connection – Season 2 Episode 3: Kimchi Kosplay

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Kimchi Kosplay

On this episode of Cosplay Connection, I meet with Jessica Osborne of Kimchi Kosplay. She is a Texas based cosplayer that has some pretty amazing creations. I was first introduced to her when I saw this really awesome gender-bend cosplay of Han Solo on Instagram. I had a blast speaking with her and getting to learn more about her. If you run into her at a convention, make sure you go up and say hi!

Here is my interview with Jessica about her costumes, her love of Korean food, and much more!

About Jessica Osborne

Jessica has mentioned that her favorite cosplay is her Han Solo and her DVA costumes. She was introduced to cosplay from her friend who was a cosplayer herself. She always enjoyed theater and getting to wear all the different costumes, so cosplay was a natural fit.  Some of her fandoms are Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Doctor Who, Super Natural, Harry Potter and Stranger Things.

Her inspiration for her cosplay comes from artists, other cosplayers, and doodles that she does herself. Jessica is an amazing cosplayer that loves the craft. She loves having a vision and making it happen. She states “I’m one of those people that have so many ideas and not all of them can happen. So it is so rewarding to see a picture of everything you envisioned. Creativity, meeting amazing people, the continuous learning-you never know everything!”

Jessica also enjoys the reactions she gets at conventions. She says ” The cons, becoming a character you love. Oh! And seeing the reactions of other people who love that character! It’s the best feeling in the world when someone sees you and just lights up! I can’t even explain how happy that gets me!” Check out some of the amazing cosplay in the photos below.


Please show your support by checking out Jessica’s social media sites:

Facebook – Link to Kimchi Kosplay Facebook

Instagram – Link to Kimchi Kosplay Instagram

*All Photos displayed above and in the Cosplay Connection video were provided by Jessica Osborne and used with permission.

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