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Cosplay Connection – Season 2 Episode 4: Jon Snow Cosplay

Jon Snow Cosplay

On this episode of Cosplay Connection, I meet with Rudy and Xasha of Jon Snow Cosplay. They are a California based cosplayer team that cosplay as Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. The most amazing thing about these two cosplayers is not only do they dress up together, they also date each other. This is our first couple interview ever for the Cosplay Connection.

Here is my interview with Rudy and Xasha about their cosplay, their love of Game of Thrones, and much more!

About Jon Snow Cosplay


Rudy introduced his first Jon Snow cosplay at New York Comic-Con 2012. This was his Night’s Watch Jon Snow. He is constantly improving his costumes to make them better before he attends a convention. He cosplays other characters such as Trunks from Dragon Ball and Anakin Skywalker,  but he admits that his Jon Snow costume will always be his favorite.

Xasha met Rudy shortly after he moved to California. She fell in love with not only him but with the craft of cosplay. She currently has one costume but will be putting together new costumes very soon.

Rudy, Xasha, and with the help of Rudy’s mother have become cosplay team. They all put in tremendous effort to create some of the most amazing costumes you have seen.

Please show your support Jon Snow Cosplay by checking out their social media sites:

JonSnowCosplay.com – Link to Jon Snow Cosplay Website

Instagram – Link to Jon Snow Cosplay Instagram

*All Photos displayed above and in the Cosplay Connection video were provided by Rodolfo Fermin and used with permission.

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