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Mother's Day - A Short Film by Nico Raineau

Short Film Interview with Nico Raineau & Lauren Schacher

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Good day everyone! Chelsea and I recently had an opportunity to sit down with Writer/Director Nico Raineau and Writer/Lead Actress Lauren Schacher to discuss their recently released short film, Mother’s Day.

short film
Mother’s Day | Provided by: Nico Raineau

Short Film Review

Mother’s Day is about a hapless young woman who wakes up in the bed of yet another one night stand with a killer hangover and no memory of agreeing to babysit her hook-up’s 6-year-old son for the day. Mara is now late for work (again) and must bring along a child she has no idea how to care for. Mara stumbles through her day with this kid in tow, coming to terms with both her shortcomings and her surprising ability to learn while finally taking some responsibility for once.

short film
Lauren Schacher as Mara & Robert Carbo as Brandon | Still Provided by: Nico Raineau

This short film is about a woman coming to terms with the person that she is and the person that she can become. Throughout the film we see her doubt her ability to care for Brandon, but in the end she surprises herself at just how capable of a person she is.

Mara is a strong young woman who gives off this aura of confidence in her looks and seems to be okay with her place in this world, until she isn’t. She is thrust into a new situation and she must figure out how to deal.

What I really loved about this film is that even though Mara’s life seems a bit messy, she is still confident in who she is. Sure she is confused and disoriented when she realizes she agreed to something she has no memory of. But that doesn’t mean that she will not succeed at this new task. She is much more capable than she realizes.

I highly recommend this short film to everyone. It has just the right about of drama and comedy, with a bit of a twist at the end…. Scroll down to check it out.

Mother’s Day – A Short Film by Nico Raineau

Additionally, I would like to thank Nico and Lauren for sitting down with us to discuss their wonderful short film. Be sure to follow Nico Raineau & Lauren Schacher on Twitter to get updates about current and future projects.

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