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Star Wars Comic-Con 2015 Panel – What We Learned

Chris Hardwick moderated the Star Wars 2015 Comic-Con panel in Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center. To quote Mr. Hardwick, “You’re not going to be disappointed..I can’t tell you how emotional and special this is for me.” This was very true indeed.

Joey Saade
Photo by Joey Saade

I wanted to get this out as soon as possible. Here is what we learned at the panel this evening.

  • The next trailer will not be ready until the fall.
  • Abrams stated that practical creature effects “helped the entire process look and feel like it was on the screen because it was.”
  • Kathleen Kennedy says Rogue One will start shooting in 3 weeks
  • Simon Pegg is in the movie as an alien stating “My life is now complete.”
  • There is a red tinted Tie Fighter in the film that looks like the toy that was revealed earlier today.
Tie Fighter
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  • Leia appears to look like she is a commanding officer in the Resistance.
  • JJ Abrams stated that they did not write the characters to be of specific color, they are proud of who they ended up with.
  • Domnhall Gleeson’s character name is General Hux.
Picture by Marcelo Córdova
Photo by Marcelo Córdova
  • General Hux is in charge of the main First Order base which is called Starkiller Base.
  • All three of the original cast made it to Comic Con including….. HARRISON FORD!!
Picture by Allie Astrocyte
Photo by Allie Astrocyte
  • Guests of Hall H were treated to a special Star Wars Concert.
  • Kevin Doyle, who lost his wife to cancer, finished his tribute walk from Rancho Obi-Wan to the Stage at Hall H.

So appears that the original cast truly enjoyed returning to this franchise. I am excited to see the new cast on film. The villains look amazing! Abrams definitely seems like he is putting as much love and attention he can in this film. December 18th can not get here soon enough!

Danniel Slade

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