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STAR WARS teaser for Christmas? Yes please!

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star-wars-the-force-awakens-620x350Given the secrecy surrounding Episode VII, Star Wars news has been really dormant as of late. But with last weeks announcement of filming (assuming principle) wrapping up, and gracing us fans with an official title: The Force Awakens, could it be this unconfirmed rumor might be fact? Lets dive in and look at some areas of interest.


1. Welcome to the Disneyland

etckt-disney-castle-openerWhile it still is a shocker that the Star Wars films will no longer be released in May anymore, Disney seems to have found a new home for the galactic soap opera in December. I’m cool with it. Maybe as the opening goes over the castle, they’ll have a Rebel Alliance flag. December seems to be Disney’s new M.O, for their big hits. From Memorial weekend, to Christmas week, is not all bad and makes perfect sense in light of the recent news to give us a teaser next month.


2. Always two, there are…

yodadagobahYoda said it best, in probably the worst movie of the series, however he isn’t wrong. Again, filming is done and title given. The last part is in the form of a trailer. But, given the title is it going to be a full fledge teaser with everyone in it, or will we see the Dark Side take first blood on-screen?



3. I sense something, a presence I’ve not felt since…

darthvader-screengrabSeriously! When was the last time we saw a trailer for a Star Wars live action film? Need help? It was April of 2005, for the last of the prequels: Revenge Of The Sith. The movie is roughly a year away from release and if Disney wants to start promoting this film promptly, a trailer is indeed in order.





All signs point to a trailer in December. Whether it’s on Christmas day is still speculative but I do think it’s coming. While I can’t name the source of where I got the information from, I can confirm when the trailer does come out, we’ll all be glued to the screen. Maybe even surpass the YouTube hits of Age of Ultron. Watch out for that lightsabre flare, it is J.J Abrams after all. Be sure to check out our ToGCast Ep.2 as we discuss the recent Star Wars announcements.

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