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The Force Unleashed

Still great after all these years- Star Wars : The Force Unleashed

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For a game that’s almost a decade old, I’ve got to hand it to them. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is still a classic.

The Force Unleashed

Look at that cheeky smile! The Emperor knows it. Despite massive advances in technology,  this entry looks fairly good for its age, controls pretty intuitively and packs enough powers to make you feel like a real jedi.

The world’s and settings feel vast and cinematic even though they are not sprawling open worlds like Skyrim or Fallout. Even with the invisible walls keeping you in the area, the space feels authentic and true to the cannon. Just look at the location in the final boss battle:

The Force Unleashed

It looks 100% film accurate to me! Just a shame I couldn’t go full sith and end the Emperor right there.

What it lacks in player choice,  it makes up for in good storytelling and fantastic QTE sequences. (Can we just talk about pulling that star destroyer out of the sky!? YAAAS!) Aside from the shoehorned romance; which felt extra forced at the end, it’s a solid entry that’s definitely worth 10 hours of your time.

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