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Sunday Funday or Those Damn Amateurs

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Temple of Geek had a strong showing at the Dallas Comic Con this year. With different teams there on different days with different agendas. On Sunday, Team Slade was itching to take this baby to the next level.

With our “wish list” just scoffed at and thrown in the trash, our delusions of grandeur were shattered at the get go, but we ventured on, undeterred further down the rabbit hole. The failed attempt at an intro went straight to the cutting room floor, and two of the three and a half interviews were done completely spontaneously. It turned out that it wasn’t just the usual trial by fire, because it was pretty damn fun and quite addicting.

Riddle was funny, savvy and tantalizing to behold, there’s definitely more to her than meets the eye candy. We all talked a bit more when the camera was off, and soon realized that we had dropped the ball on some great content. So hopefully we cross paths again.

Kealy Racca, whom we conned into doing some original art for the site, is another person we recommend you keep an eye out for.  Her talent with water colors will amaze, but her personality among other things drew us to her and I feel she was a great interview. Riddle though, she will always be my first.

Wayne Orr from the r2-d2 builders club, gave us top-secret info that I’m sorry to say, many bothan spies died for. With that said, and out of respect for the fallen, we are sworn to secrecy, plus I don’t want to take a needle to the eye guys, sorry. None the less visit this booth in a galaxy near you, who knows what knowledge may be bestowed upon you if he deems you worthy.


Now the one, the only, Jason David Frank, was the single person on our wish list that we managed to ensnare in our deadly web, and he did not disappoint. This was our first celebrity interview, so we took it easy on him. Oh, and after this interview, Vinny had to blow in a paper bag due to hyperventilating.

Well we could’a should’a would’a done more for all of you but the event was winding down and we were exhausted. Being fans ourselves there was swag to hunt, lines to wait in, and celebrity photos to take on the sneak. Unfortunately Carrie Fisher proved so elusive we didn’t even set eyes on her or her little dog Gary.

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Well I know we said we’d be at hero con but as of now its up in the air, regardless go to your local events people.  But let it be known, Zordon, we’re coming for you…..