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Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer 2 Breakdown

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batman-v-superman-trinityHOLY BEGEEZUS BATMAN?!?! Did you happen to catch the newest trailer to this all-star fight in cinema history? If you answered no, where have you been hiding? Trailer number two for this movie debuted not only for the fans at this years San Diego Comic Con, but also for the rest of the world; and rightfully so. OMG fans! O-M-G! While the first teaser back in April, didn’t really appease to fans, and we did get to see some footage, this trailer packs it with a punch, super even. After watching and contributing to the WB’s official YouTube account at least 100 times, we break down the trailer to see beyond the scenes. To see if there was anything we missed or if there was anything purposely left out for us to see. You almost knew we would do so. To paraphrase a certain butler, “That’s how it starts. The fever. The rage. That turn good men…. into GEEKS”. Before we get started, here’s the trailer.

Screenshot (22)As the trailer starts, we are introduced to a woman holding some kind of press conference or speaking to a committee. That woman is a senator being played by Holly Hunter. It appears that big blue is being summoned to answer for his actions against the citizens of Metropolis for almost leveling the city, from the events of Man Of Steel. “A day for truth”, she states.

BvS1 BvS2We then see Superman descending onto capitol hill presumably, amidst a plethora of protesters to rid the alien of their city and planet. As the camera switches views, we see more signs of just how much the world doesn’t need Superman.Next shot shows him walking into the building with another waiting crowd where we also see that same woman senator at the head of the committee table.


BvS4 BvS3We are now seeing a man running through the streets. Then stopping and standing in shock as to what he is witnessing. That man is Bruce Wayne, portrayed by Ben Affleck. It is now clear that this scene is a flashback, as to tell where Mr. Wayne was the day that Superman was battling it out with Zod. In the next shot, as he comforts a young girl, his look says it all. Out with the alien. Two questions come up on this scene. First, who is he on the phone with? And second, who is the little girl? Random or someone from the DC mythos?


BvS5Now we see a figure walking towards a building. Wayne Manor? Destroyed? But how and most importantly why? We’ll get to that theory in just a bit. Next scene obviously is the Batcave, where we also see an almost panoramic view of the home away from home for Bats. It interesting to note, that this version shows actual different levels of the cave. Not set to set like it’s been done in the past. And why is there water? Was there a flood? Access point for a boat?

BvS6As the next scene starts, we hear Alfred’s voice repeating that same line from the first trailer “That’s how it starts. The fever. The rage. That turns good men, cruel”. At the same time, we see Bruce holding a newspaper clipping with the headline reading: “Wayne Tower Devasted”. Even more eye-catching, is the red graffiti over that article that states: “You let your family die”.  It was obviously sent to him, as the envelope is in the opposite hand. Who did he let die? What family? Bruce’s face has “furious” written all over it.


BvS7 BvS8Now we get the familiar scene where Bruce is staring deep into the Batsuit. Contemplating hether or not to bring out the Bat. What is he thinking? What is he staring at?With those words, we now catch Bruce in what appears to be back in training, pulling a tire with a rope. Based on the items in the background, we can assume that this is his training room. He’s getting ready to become The Batman again. At the same time, we are introduced to Alfred Pennyworth, being played by Jeremy Irons.


BvS9As the trailer plays on, the next scene involves the GCPD responding to a call. The scene shows a Batarang along with a thug, chained up with an impression on his upper chest area, resembling a Bat. The two patrolmen are stunned. Did you all catch the fact that these Batarangs look more practical in a real life scenario?



BvS10And now the trailer starts to reintroduce most of the cast from Man Of Steel. Lawrence Fishburne is back reprising his role as the Chief Editor of The Daily Planet. This scene depicts White angry with Clark, about writing an article and investigating the vigilante, known as The Batman. Also to note, we do actually see Henry Cavill in this scene as C.K.


BvS11Continuing with the reintroductions, this next scene involves Amy Adams, back as Lois Lane, encouraging Superman, that the symbol he wears so proudly, means hope and that he must not deter away from such ideas.



BvS12The next scene shows a flood of some kind where houses are submerged in water. Survivors taking refuge on the top looking for anyone to help. The “S” symbol painted clearly on the roof, hoping to see the Kryptonian lend them a helping hand and save them.



BvS13And to cap out the reintroductions, we see Superman at the Kent Farm speaking with his mother, Martha Kent, with Diane Lane back in the role. The house and property looked to be rebuilt. Martha says to Clark, for him to be the world’s angel, hero, or guardian.



BvS15 BvS14All the while as she is saying this, we see Superman doing just that saving people and wondering what he needs to be to the world. But that ultimately in the end, he doesn’t owe this world anything. Very compelling words of wisdom.


BvS16And now another meeting of the minds. What can we assume is the same day as that of the hearing with Superman, we see the lady senator, meeting with a man by the name of Lex Luthor. Jesse Eisenberg plays the arch nemesis of Superman. But notice anything odd about his appearance? Another theory that we will get to later as to why it is different. “Kneel before….Lex?” Why is the last son of Krypton bowing before the greatest criminal mind? He doesn’t seem to happy about the circumstances either.

BvS17Now we meet Mercy Graves, Luthor’s personal assistant, played by Tao Okamoto. In this scene, she is escorting two military personal in what looks to be some cryogenic chamber of some kind. The following scene confirms that it is a chamber housing the body of Zod. Question: Why is Luthor in possession of his body? More importantly how? Going back to Mercy, can we expect her to be as ruthless as she’s in in the comics? Fighting and all?


BvS18Holy what-the-hell Batman??? Robin, back in the movies? Can it really be? Sort of. Yes it’s Robin, and based on the graffiti that’s tagged on it, one only has to assume that this is Jason Todd. But it’s interesting to note that this scene actually depicts more than just one Robin. Zack Snyder has just told us, that Dick Grayson has already had his turn at as the Boy Wonder and has since moved on. Could we see Nightwing, in the TBA solo Batman film? Also since Jason Todd did meet his fate with the Joker, could we also see that character as The Red Hood in the said future film? Although there is no confirmation of either, the obvious answer is YES! Remember that Wayne Manor scene earlier? Our theory is that Joker kills Jason Todd just like he does in “Death in the Family” but instead of at a warehouse, he does it at Wayne Manor. Makes sense, since it appears Bruce hasn’t set foot in that place since his late partner’s death.


Screenshot (68)And Finally, we meet the last edition to the Trinity in the form of Wonder Woman, disguised as Princess Diana. Gal Gadot takes on this pivotal role and she does look very elegant in her non-warrior persona. This scene depicts that she might be arriving to attend some kind of gala. Attending against the Superman banquet? Possibly.


BvS19Now we see Batman, all suited up and pulling off the cover to an old friend: The Bat-signal. But, who is Batman calling; himself? From SDCC 2014, we know the stunt is to call the alien. What’s really nice about this scene, is this suit comes straight from the pages of Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”. Ben Affleck looks solid as the new Dark Knight. Let’s hope he pulls it off.


BvS33 BvS20The next scenes are pretty fast paced but they look to be telling us of what’s to come. We see someone snorkeling. Mercy Reef? A nod to Aquaman? Maybe. Then a group of people riding horses in some desert terrain. But what we see next is another flashback. The infamous murder of The Waynes, at Crime Alley. Then the funeral scene with two caskets? But to whom do those two caskets belong to?


BvS25 BvS24We then see Bruce Wayne exiting a building with an immediate cut to Diana. Might the two of them had a dinner date? The answer to that will be revealed soon enough. It might not have gone so well, because the next scene that follows, is the Warrior suited up in her gear. She is fighting an unknown opponent but does a pretty neat trick with her bracelets that go BOOM!!!


BvS30 BvS29Remember all the pretty horses? We see Batman come out from some unknown entry in a dessert terrain area? He might have gotten intel that this was where Supes hangs his cape, and goes to investigate. Needless to say, it doesn’t turn out well…for the soldiers. Why? Because the Bat is a one-man army. And what is up with Batman breaking someone’s neck? Really?

BvS32We get some brief battle scenes between the Batwing and the new Batmobile in what appears to be Gotham City based on the markings on some of the equipment like a gas station and a fuel truck.

Screenshot (92)We also get a quick glimpse of Batman in action taking out some thugs in a garage/warehouse. He does have his grappling gun in hand and must’ve gotten there after the Batmobile made its entry. This looks to be the other part to the scene from the first trailer where the car is blowing things sky high.

BvS21Following those sequences Bruce and Alfred are exchanging words and views on the alien visitor from another planet. Bruce with the idea that this single being can potentially wipe out mankind. While Alfred defending Superman, stating “he is not our enemy”. It’s obvious Alfred sees something in Clark, that Bruce just cannot see, just yet.

BvS22Next, we’re now back in Metropolis as the police squad car indicates, as a motorcycle flies by the police barricade. We are now exposed to Superman’s weakness, or one of many: Kryptonite. Since the meteor is radioactive, might this be the way Lex Luthor loses his hair?



BvS23Fast forward back to the scene where Batman was shooting his own calling card in the sky, a fight has broken out between The Dark Knight and the Man Of Steel. Bats gets the early jump on the fight against Supes, literally as he leaps on top of him and they both crash through a rooftop.

BvS26Back to the fight with Wonder Woman and her unknown assailant. She is fully equipped now with a sword and shield in hand. The following scene depicts it might be Superman as he rushes by only to get ready to light his eyes on fire.



BvS27Then we get Batman on a ledge, minus the armor. He sees danger and fires his grappling gun. Good thing too, as the previous scene suggests that beam is meant for Batman, not Wonder Woman.

Screenshot (105)As we get closer to the final seconds of the trailer, we see Lois giving Clark some one on one motivation, by way of a kiss. Kiss for good luck or encouragement? Or goodbye?


BvS28Finally, the last moments before the end shows Superman huffing and puffing getting ready to blow someone’s house down. All the while Batman does the quintessential bust through a glass fixture in almost every movie to date. It’s almost iconic. Maybe it’s the way the cape flares.

BvS31This last scene shows Superman approaching a car. A black car. A Batmobile; disabled and heavily damaged by the looks of it. Superman gets on top and rips off the metal canopy, protecting the occupant.



Screenshot (110)Appropriately, the very last scene portrays the showdown. The showdown, many years in the making. Who will win?


Batman-v-Superman-trailer1-665x385And there you have it in a nutshell. The comic con trailer that received a standing ovation. What did you think? Are you pumped to see this film? Does Affleck look like he is a worthy successor to the cowl? How was Gal Gadot’s portrayal? Jesse Eisenberg? These are all relevant and pertinent questions to a movie that first received positive review’s since Zack Snyder announced at the SDCC 2013, that Batman would be making an appearance following the success of Man Of Steel. However as the months went by from that announcement, things would ineveitbly take a turn for the worse, from outrage casting by fans (Affleck), to everyone making cameos in a Superman sequel, to a supposed leak script, to a re-write, to a push in release date, etc. But now, things are starting to shape up for this film, and utltiamely for this universe. Is this the film to save DC on the silver screen? From the looks of it and the way the way the reception this trailer received, yes is probably the word. But who will win this fight? “black & blue, God vs. Man, day vs. night” Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, has our seal of approval. Is it March yet?


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