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Supernatural Retrospective: My Favorite Season 1 Episodes

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The summer hellatus is the worst, 3-4 months of waiting for the next season of your favorite show to return is absolute torture, especially if your show ends on a cliffhanger….. Like Supernatural has a tendency to do!

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So while we wait, I thought we should go back and remember why we got sucked into this black hole of emotion started watching this show in the first place. So let’s take it back to season one and let me tell you about some of my favorite episodes. You might agree, you might not, so let me know what you think. So why don’t we get started.

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Season One

Season One feels like a million years ago, or 11-ish years if I want to be a little less dramatic (maybe). Do you ever go back and watch episodes from the first season and just think… These poor boys have no idea what is coming, they think they do, but honestly they are TOTALLY SCREWED! Sam should have just stayed at Stanford, TBH. But he didn’t, *sigh* and we all know what happened after that, well the SPN Family or the casual watcher does anyway. BUT you can always use this summer to catch up on the first 10 Seasons…. NETFLIX!

Picking my favorite episodes was quite the daunting task. Season one was just so good, but I was able to narrow it down to 7 of the 22 episode season. Honestly I’m surprised I was able to narrow it down that far.

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My Favorite Supernatural Season 1 Episodes

#1: Episode 1 | Pilot | Aired: 09/13/2005

Why is this one of my favorite episodes?

This is probably one of the best pilot episode’s of a TV series I have ever seen. We get a decent amount of back story without getting bogged down in the past. This episode introduces the 2 main characters and sets up the underlying storyline for the entire season. The viewer also gets a good feel for the content of the entire show. If you are going to start watching this show absolutely start with this episode, otherwise you might not understand the motives behind the 2 main characters actions and behaviors. Hello Supernatural!

#2: Episode 4 | Phantom Traveler | Aired: 10/04/2005

Why is this one of my favorite episodes?

The brother’s are officially back to hunting by this episode and on the road searching for their father, John Winchester (Jeffery Dean Morgan). What I love about this episode is that the viewers get their first look at Dean’s humanity. He might be this badass hunter who seems like he doesn’t fear anything, but in reality he fears one thing… FLYING. He has a legit panic attack, which isn’t something I expected to see. But hey, Dean’s human like the rest of us.

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I do have one major complaint though. In this episode the Winchester’s face their first demon and in order to make the demon show itself, Dean says God in Latin. THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY TIME THEY USE THIS TACTIC! How many times were we waiting for Sam to figure out who Ruby was or Meg…. ugh.

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#3: Episode 5 | Bloody Mary | Aired: 10/11/2015

Why is this one of my favorite episodes?

This was definitely the first episode that really freaked me out. I mean watching these teenage girls screw around with the supernatural unknown is not cool. I have learned from this show that you just don’t do that. In this episode, we also see that Sam keeps having nightmares about Jessica, his girlfriend, which could be hinting at something deeper. When Sam and Dean finally take on Mary that is when we discover that Sam had been dreaming about Jessica’s death weeks before it actually happened, but what does that mean? Is Sam psychic? (*psst* YES). This episode shows an interesting dynamic between the brothers. They truly care about saving the innocent, but they don’t seem willing to share their thoughts and feelings with one another. This could present a problem later on.

#4: Episode 12 | Faith | Aired: 01/17/2006

Why is this one of my favorite episodes?

This is actually my #1 favorite episode of season one. This is the first time we truly see Dean vulnerable and close to death. Dean nearly dies after having a massive heart attack when he is electrocuted during a hunt and the prognosis isn’t good. This is also the first time we see that Sam is willing try anything and risk everything to save his brother’s life. Sam and Dean are each other’s greatest weakness and we see this particular plot point come up every season.

Also, this episode is the first time we see Reapers and we see Dean struggle with his faith. Sam continues to have faith in a higher power despite everything they have witnessed, but Dean not so much. Sam thinks what he sees is a miracle when Dean is healed by a Faith Healer, but nothing is ever what it seems. I always find this episode to be quite emotional because Dean is struggling with wanting to live, but also trying to figure out what it would mean to die and Sam is struggling with letting his brother go.

#5: Episode 15 | The Benders | Aired: 02/14/2006

Why is this one of my favorite episodes?

This episode was kind of unique, in that it was the first episode that didn’t involve a supernatural being. The villains in this episode were human beings. The Benders are a family of some seriously screwed up people. This family kidnaps other people just to hunt them down and murder them…Oh and eat them! According to the father, human’s are the best kind of “animal” to hunt because it can think and speak. Dean pretty much says it the best, “Demons I get. People are crazy.” Dean makes an excellent point, monsters abide by a set of rules, but people can be insane and unpredictable. Also cannibals….

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This is also the first time Dean loses his brother and has to do everything he can to find him. Dean even goes to the police, which was a bad idea because at the time Dean is supposedly dead/wanted in connection with a string of murders from a previous episode. But Dean does it anyway. Basically, this particular episode showcases Dean’s emotions, which he tends to keep hidden from Sam. We get to see some serious emotional development of his character.

#6: Episode 17 | Hell House | Aired: 03/30/2006

Why is this one of my favorite episodes? 

Where do I even start with this episode. First of all it is absolutely hilarious. Secondly, we get to meet the GHOSTFACERS! The Ghostfacers are 2 of my favorite characters – Ed Zeddmore (A.J. Buckley) and Harry Spangler (Travis Wester). These two fools are amateur ghost hunters who run a website, Hell Hound’s Lair, out of their trailer in some small town in Texas. Ed and Harry are also the longest surviving characters on the show! Somehow these guys and the Winchester’s end up working the same case about a haunted house. During this investigation, Sam and Dean start a prank war between them and it is one hilarious war. Super glue on a beer bottle, itching power in the underwear, messing with the Impala… all that fun stuff.

Furthermore, during this episode we get the chance to see how powerful a single thought can be when it has the full power of the internet behind it. This is the first time we see the Winchester’s lost on how to destroy a supernatural being. Every time the legend changes, the ghost of Mordechai Murdoch changes with it. So how do you kill something when it can change form with a thought? Crazy right. Good episode!

#7: Episode 18 | Something Wicked | Aired: 04/06/2006

Why is this one of my favorite episodes?

Now this is probably one of my favorite brother bonding episodes. Ever since Dean was little it has been his responsibility to watch out for Sammy. John wasn’t much of father after Mary was murdered. Yes, John loved his boys and he would do anything to keep them safe, but Dean was really the one who raised Sammy. This episode sends Sam and Dean on a mission to finish something Dean and his father started when the boys were young. Dean made a mistake during the hunt. The one time he didn’t watch out for his brother, Sam was attack and nearly died and John blamed Dean.

Dean had to put up with a lot as a kid. He had to grow up very quickly because who else was going to keep Sammy safe. Sometimes I feel like John put a lot of responsibility on Dean’s shoulders at such a young age. Dean loves his brother and his father, but sometimes Dean wishes he could just be a kid and the one time he did, his brother nearly died. This episode provides a deeper look into Dean’s past and helps the audience to understand a little more about his personality and his deeper emotions. I really love this episode. This is one of the better Supernatural episodes.

Well that’s it for me. I hope you enjoyed reading through why these 7 episodes are my favorite.

What do you think?

Let us know in the comments below which Supernatural Season 1 episode’s are your favorite.

Until next time….

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