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Wonder Woman Holiday Gift Guide

Do you like this post?30 Wonder Woman Gift Ideas! Ideas for fans of all ages!  Hallmark Wonder Woman Itty Bitty Baby Lovey Blanket Warner Bros. Wonder Woman Baby Costume Onesie with Cape, Red Devious Apparel Wonder Woman Glitter Baby Bodysuit Bumkins DC Comics SuperBib with Cape, Wonder Woman (6-24 Months) …

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The CW Trailers of San Diego Comic Con 2017

Do you like this post?Did we just get new CW trailers? Yes, the CW just dropped the trailers for all of their DC television programming. Each of the shows; Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl; all look to pick up right where their season finales left off. There …

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Why Wonder Woman May Not Be Enough

Do you like this post?*This post may contain spoilers to Wonder Woman. If you have yet to see Wonder Woman watch the movie and this article will make a lot more sense. Or not, I tend to ramble.   This June, DC released the long anticipated Wonder Woman movie. Since …

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Casting Call: The Batman

The Batman

Do you like this post?“Batman? Batman? Can someone tell me what kind of a world we live in where a man dressed as a bat, gets all of my press?”  A great quote from Jack Nicholson‘s Joker from Batman (1989) but could it be any more true? Yes, yes. Batman …

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The Toy and Action Figure Museum: Be a Kid Again

Do you like this post? If you ever find yourself on Adventure Road, you must take a quick stop in Paul’s Valley Oklahoma. In a small downtown building, you will find The Toy and Action Figure Museum. Do you enjoy toys? Then please make sure you visit this museum. Kevin Stark, the curator, …

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Katie and Chelsea Invade Long Beach Comic Con 2016

long beach

Do you like this post?Convention season is in full swing. It has only been a week and we’re still feeling the con withdrawal. Last weekend, the Long Beach Convention Center became a mecca for con-goers, cosplayers, artists, and celebrities when it hosted Long Beach Comic Con 2016.  This year’s convention had …

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Long Beach Comic Con – Sept. 17th & 18th – Highlights


Do you like this post?The 8th Annual Long Beach Comic Con will take place Saturday, September 17th and 18th, 2016 at the Long Beach Convention Center. This year’s convention will feature an impressive array of more than 120 pop culture guests, more than 130 panels, and unique partnerships with the Columbia Memorial …

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COMIC FLASHBACK #10: The Dark Knight Returns

Do you like this post?One of the most famous comic book stories ever published, and one of two medium defining works celebrating a thirtieth anniversary this year, Frank Miler’s The Dark Knight Returns is so celebrated and admired that it almost seems redundant to even contemplate saying anything more about …

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NerdCon 2016 – A Show for Nerds by Nerds


Do you like this post?NerdCon began back in 2014 when 4 Nerds decided to build a nerd convention from the ground up for other nerds like them. This idea transformed into what is now their motto “A Show for Nerds by Nerds.” By creating this convention and continuing to be …

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COMIC FLASHBACK #9: Green Arrow By Kevin Smith

Do you like this post?Kevin Smith. Filmmaker. Writer. Comedian. Podcaster. Entertainer. Director. Geek. If you were to look any of those words up in the dictionary, chances are a little picture of him would accompany the description. Kevin Smith, you do a lot and you are everywhere. The fact that, …

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COMIC FLASHBACK #8: Batwoman-Elegy

Do you like this post?If there is one thing I adore in a good love story, it’s a “meet cute”. The best movies, television shows and books that dabble in that thing called love, really know how to sell the idea of a soon-to-be-couple meeting under the most adorable circumstances. …

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COMIC FLASHBACK #6: Batman:The Killing Joke

Do you like this post?Part of the incredible wave of iconic 80’s comic titles that could be said to have overwhelmingly changed the medium of comic books, a wave that also includes The Dark Knight Returns, Batman:Year One as well as Watchmen, itself written by The Killing Joke‘s very own …

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Warner Bros + Comic Con = ALL THE TRAILERS

Do you like this post?It’s Day 3 of  2016 San Diego Comic Con International and the Warner Bros. Pictures just hit us with a bunch of amazing movie trailers. CHECK IT OUT!!!!! Wonder Woman This trailer has just blown me away! I mean Wonder Woman looks amazing and strong and just …

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MCM London Comic Con 2016 – A Day On

Do you like this post?On the last weekend in May, a record-breaking 133,156 people showed up at the Excel Centre in London to attend MCM London Comic Con; a three day pop-culture affair. I was fortunate enough to be granted press passes to the event and here are the photos and videos I collected …

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Do you like this post?For as long as there have been fandoms, there have been fan wars, a contagion of fans of different franchises, companies or whatever you want to apply fandom to, that have seen fit to fight each other because…well…why not, I suppose, and now it seems that …

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Do you like this post?It’s been a rollercoaster of an Easter weekend. Critics vs Fans. Critics vs Audiences. Fans vs Fans. I’m guessing, like me, your social media feeds have been practically turning into an all out fan/critic war. All because of a movie, one that has been two years …

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Do you like this post?Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice is only  one day away from  general release, unless you’re going to a “midnight” screening of course, and despite reviews that have been divisive at best, it hasn’t stopped Warner Bros. from getting the boll rolling on hyping us for, if …

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