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Marvel Agents of SHIELD | All the Madame’s Men // Recap Review

An Inhuman makes an attempt on Madame Hydra’s life, that story is way to crazy to make up, and SHIELD changes the people’s hearts and minds. After witnessing the true purposes of Hydra’s Enlightenment Center, May brings Daisy a terrigen crystal, allowing her to go through terrigenesis and regain her ...

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Marvel Agents of SHIELD | No Regrets // Recap Review

Simmons questions what is real, the Patriot fights for what is important, and never the less, Daisy persists. Despite her repeated torture at the hands of Dr. Fittz and Madame Hydra, Daisy continues her resilience against their questions. She tries to get Fittz to wake up from the nightmare they ...

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Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Identity and Change // Recap Review

Coulson makes his own soap, Mack tries to keep his head down, and welcome to SHIELD. With no way out of the Framework, Daisy takes a chance and reaches out to Coulson one last time, discovering that he remembers fragments of the real world. Daisy and Simmons do their best ...

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Marvel Agents of SHIELD | What if… // Recap Review

Daisy and Simmons wake up in a brave, terrifying new world, but it isn’t just the Framework; it’s Hell. Created to replace the pain and loss of the real world, Radcliffe and Aida have built the Framework based on changing key moments in the lives of the Agents of SHIELD; ...

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